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4 Celebrities Who Have Matured In 2014

When children become child stars, it sets them off the path of normal development at times. There are some actors and actresses that have really blossomed over the year of 2014.

1. Selena Gomez: With Selena Gomez’s release of “The Heart Wants What It Wants” video this past November, Ms. Gomez has opened herself up to a world that she has never seen before. She gets props for maturing due to her being able to tackle a complex and self-destructive relationship.
2. Nick Jonas: Mr. Jonas has set out to show the world how “grown” he really is. In the photo shoot for Flaunt Magazine, he shows us what a grown man looks like.
3. Rihanna: This one is just showing props for now falling into the social media trend for a minimum of six months. This “Diamonds” singer steered clear of being a pawn in Instagram for those months. Props to you Rihanna.
4. Taylor Swift: The singer of “Shake It Off” moved to a brand new city, changed her genre, and even released the biggest selling album of 2014.


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