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Polite and a Woman of Action, Betsy Devos is a Leader in the Department of Education

As a highly respected leader in proter of education and a philanthropist, Betsy Devos was the perfect choice for the new Secretary of the Board of Education appointed by President Trump. Dick and Betsy Devos have dedicated their careers to reforming the outdated statues in their state’s government while improving the education system. As active philanthropists, they have given over $139 million to date.


Both the Devoses come from a family of well-known businessmen, and following in their footsteps, they founded the Devos Family Foundation to fund their philanthropic contributions. Their contributions have been aimed mainly to education and Michigan and National Republican Party.


Betsy Devos has been active in changing and improving the public education system in Michigan her entire career. Today, there are charter schools and vouchers available for low-income parents in Michigan to allow them to chose a better education for their children if they prefer.


Both Betsy and Dick spent the past four decades updating corporate laws and improving government legislation in Grand Rapids. Dick was also carrying on the legacy of his father as CEO of Amway Corporation, which Dick Sr. founded in the 1970s. Dick Devos has also founded his own corporate group of investors called The Windquest Group.


Several years before Betsy Devos accepted Trump’s appointment to his cabinet, she and her husband founded the Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids on airport property. This is an advanced charter school for high school students who are going into aviation. With her entire career focused on developing top-notch charter schools, this school of aviation excels in education as well as education in aviation. With her appointment to the National Board of Education, Americans should soon expect to see the public education system across the U.S. improve under her leadership.


Betsy Devos has a reputation of being publicly polite, but underneath being a tenacious fighter for the good of the country, and that is exactly what is needed in the government today. She leads with a conservative view, and she supports the actions of those who want to improve the future of America as she does.


For example, when Trump was about to rescind the policy that prohibited the use of restrooms accommodating the “desired” sexual orientation and the bathrooms offered to gay and transgender employees, Betsy took the initiative to meet with her leaders. She warned the Department that President Trump was making the decision to rescind this policy, and she made this strategic move only hours before he made the announcement. Betsy Devos is an exciting and bold choice for Secretary of the Board of Education.


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The Writing Impact Of Alastair Borthwick

History tends to remember the strong or the brave depending on what has been done in their life. From time to time history will remember those of intellectual accomplishments. While athletes and soldiers get most of the glory in history, few scientist and authors share the same interest from people. In Glasgow, Scotland there was a celebrated author known for his talents who passed away. Alastair Borthwick has made many contributions as an author and as a person in his time.

Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen in 1913. He lived in many places throughout Europe including Troon and Glasgow which served as his home for many years off and on. Leaving Glasgow High school in 1929 he took his first writing job for the Glasgow Herald. In an article from, Alastair later became one of the editors for the paper. It was at the paper that he became involved with the world of hill walking and climbing. His articles on these subjects brought the sport to a more mainstream appeal as it has served as a past time for the wealthy.

In 1935 Alastair Borthwick was granted his first major position in journalism at the Daily Mirror in London. While this was a better opportunity for him he returned to more humble roots in Glasgow taking a job in radio for the BBC. In 1939 he released a book titled “Always a Little Further” which you can purchase on There was uncertainty about the books success by the publisher but the collection of his writings became a best seller and is still in print.

During the Second World War Alastair Borthwick was commissioned to the 5th Battalion as an intelligence officer. He saw action all over Europe and even into North Africa. Once the war had slowed down and conflict was ending, Alastair was asked to write the history of the 5th Battalion. In 1946 his second book was published titled “Sans Peur, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlands. This publication has been in print until 1994 when it made its reprint under a new title. Alastair Borthwick passed away on 9-25-2003.

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Randal Nardone the Smart Entrepreneur

Randal Nardone is a successful co-founder, CEO and director of Fortress Investment Group. A leading company, that specializes in hedge funds, private equity, railroads real estate and credit funds. He has a degree in English and biology from Connecticut University and is also an alumna of the Boston University School of Law. Randal is ranked number 557 in the list of Forbes billionaires.

Randal Nardone inspiration comes from his dedication to success and quality. He is a team player and highflier a character that motivates his staff. He continually seeks insight in the financial sector, which helps him to keep up with the current state of the market. He is focused and consistent in the service he offers to his clients. This has made Fortress Investment Group expand. It has state of the art mortgage services and golf courses among others.

Due to his experience in the finance industry and urge for success in the global market, he has a privilege of sitting on several boards including; Brookdale senior living, Eurocastle investments and Spring leaf financial services. Where he gives his services with commitment, this has continuously increased his expertise as an entrepreneur.

Randal Nardone has a rich work history; he is the director, and principal Fortress Investment Group to date – a company he started 20 years ago. He was also the managing director of USB for a period of 5 years and the principal Black Rock financial management

Randal believes that the procurement of Fortress Investment Group by soft bank was a strategic move to strengthen the company. It will increase the company’s net worth and creditability. He elaborates that the company shares trades at a profit of 3 UD dollars higher which brought profits ranging to billions of dollars.

Fortress Investment Group is a prosperous company because of Randal Nardone,s management. He founded the company twenty years ago with a vision to expand and make sustainable assets and profits. His focus and desire to make Fortress Investment Group a premier company is a reality. His secret lies in studying the market to find out gaps that exist and offering solutions.



Organo Gold’s Robust Distribution Network

From time to time, while in Los Angeles, you might have come across the Organo Gold. This organo gold originates from Vancouver, British Columbia, and intends to introduce benefits of the Ganoderma to the American Nation. Ganoderma is a herb with extensive benefits and has been used traditionally in Asia in the manufacture of their drugs.

By infusing the herb in the world’s most popular beverage, things are bound to take a twist. Considering the fact that most Americans are now more concerned about their health than ever before, Organo gold it thus taking the coffee market by storm.

During the launch of the organo gold, the director and a proprietor Mr. Chua, of observed that it was not easy more that it was now more ever before to have beneficial treasures of the organo coffee in our daily routine. Of importance was the Ganoderma in Organo Gold goods that fulfills this noble goal.


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The product is easily accessible in many spheres of California since it is also sold through network marketing. This means that there is an independent distributor network and a couple retail outlets around. There is also a website known as the that specializes in Organo Gold products. These marketing strategies have been put in place to ensure that there is an adequate supply of organo tea for anyone that might be interested.

Customers have also been advised to put recurring orders in place. This way, an amount of their choice is always available to them once a month. It is shipped to personal addresses making drinking organo gold a very convenient affair.

The popularity of organo gold continues to grow over the years. It is presently sold in almost all the American states and many other countries in the world. This is a reflection of a robust distribution network that generously rewards the best performing players.

Multi-Talented Man, Ryan Seacrest

Most people struggle and work hard to meet their daily needs, plan for their future and those of their families or to have an insurance policy that gets them covered in case of any uncertainties. Ryan Seacrest revealed that he only works hard in order to eat well and afford his wine.

The 43-year-old recently moved to New York City from Los Angeles to host a tv program called “Live,” where he co-hosts with Kelly Ripa. Apart from the morning show, Ryan Seacrest is also deeply involved in the production. He is the producer of a number of tv series over the years such as the popular “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and the “American Idol,” which is a music show.

In a recent interview, Ryan Seacrest revealed a lot of information about himself that most of his fan had little or no idea of. Ryan Seacrest spends most of his mornings like any other ordinary guy. He wakes up at 6.00 AM and only needs a shower and a shave to get ready. He applies a moisturizer on his face and nothing more. To set the tone for his body, the owner of Distinction takes matcha tea as it has a lot of great things in it. He then makes a cup of coffee, and he is good to go.

For physical training, Ryan Seacrest prefers to keep it simple. Ryan confesses to working out even during business hours, and he is no longer apologetic for it as he was in his late 20s. To help him keep the same training routine, Ryan is at times accompanied by his trainer Hernan Santa. He recently started boxing with the help of his boxing coach. Before going to work, Ryan Seacrest usually uses the Peloton bikes. He admits that he loves running and walking.

Over the years, the radio show host learned that not everything that comes up requires his immediate attention, for example, he only engages in phone interviews later in the day. Ryan confessed that he loves to eat and mostly lives to eat, he is a vegan.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation is his organization that focuses on inspiring youths through entertainment and education-focused activities.

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Meet Marc Beer of the Revonia Med-tech Company

Marc Beer is the co-founder of a Boston based med-tech Startup Company by the name Revonia Inc. the company is basically working towards the development of different diagnostic and therapeutic products used for treatment of disorders such as urinary incontinence. According to an estimate done by researchers, the urinary incontinence disorder affects over 250 million women in the entire world. The approval of the company’s first product by the FDA back in April was a major improvement.


Marc Beer also is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the ViaCell which is a biotechnology company that specializes in the collection, preservation and development of stem cells of the umbilical cord. Marc Beer led the company for seven years after its establishment, helping it to develop into a successful and enviable commercial organization. As an indicator of good leadership by Marc Beer, the company was able to go public back in the year 2005 and employing more than three hundred people.


Marc Beer has held other different leadership position in different organizations such as the board member of the Erytech Pharma, chairman of the board of directors of the Good Start Genetics, Inc. and member of the Business Advisory Miami University just to mention a few. Marc Beer is an alumnus of the Miami University in Ohio.


Longwood Fund which is an investing firm focusing on healthcare oriented companies has already invested in Revonia. Their funding to the company will be used to develop more diagnostic and therapeutic products, with the new generation of Leva Device not left out. According to Marc Beer, the support from Longwood firm to help the people affected by the pelvic floor disorders is something they are all happy about as the entire company. He also added that with the kind of knowledge and experience in their work, they will be in a better position to educate people on the pelvic floor disorders and also inform on the better treatment options.


In five years’ time after Marc Beer co-founded the Renovia Inc. the company was able to develop a drug called Juxtapid. However, the FDA later on accused him for suggesting that the drug was effective when it comes to the treatment of conditions related to the heart. Marc Beer has also held several roles concerning sales and marketing, he has an experience of over 25 years in development of biotechnology, diagnostic industries, devices and pharmaceutical. Learn more:


Southridge Capital Helps Individuals to Manage and Control their Debt

It is common knowledge that there a significant number of people out there experiencing financial problems. Economic conditions could be causing an individual to undergo through challenging financial conditions such that they lack the necessary liquidity to run their activities smoothly. A person who is experiencing economic challenges needs a company that such as Southridge Capital that will help them to overcome the financial stress that they might be experiencing.


Southridge Capital is a financial organization that is based in Connecticut. The entity has played a critical role in revolutionizing the financial industry across the country. The company has developed a strategy that is geared to help the large number of individuals who are faced with financial challenges, especially those with huge debts or other financial distresses that are causing them not to have balanced economic welfare. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Current statistics indicate that Southridge has already helped thousands of individuals who have already found themselves to the financial problems. A close analysis of the company will highlight a clear picture of how the organization has positioned itself as a company that is willing to help by all means. The company uses its philanthropic activities as a way of positioning itself as one of the responsible financial entity in the industry.


Recent financial reports in the financial industry show that there is a possibility that six in ten individuals owe a debt to either a lending financial institution or a particular individual. The report goes further to highlight that more than forty percent of individuals with obligations have found it difficult to service their loans, which has made them be considered bankrupt. Southridge is looking to assist those individuals who are experiencing extreme financial challenges.


People find it difficult to deal with debts alone, especially when they have to be confronted on a daily basis by their creditors. It is evident that their extreme financial challenges might make an individual to lose control of their business or even their relationships. Southridge Capital will help an individual to avoid all the problems that individuals are likely to get, whether business or personal relationships. You can visit



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Bruce Katzen’s Passion as Basis for his Career Success

Bruce Katzen is the chairman of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust & Estate’s Litigation Practice Group. He is a commercial litigator, specializing in securities and capital markets law as well as probate, trust and guardianship disputes. He is an expert on corporate litigation matters, accountants’ liabilities and stockbroker liability plus FiNRA arbitrations. Bruce is quite popular, not just because of the success of the company he works for but also because of his personal successes in areas of franchise disputes, financial fraud, probate, trust and guardianship disputes. He has handled several company purchase and sale disputes too, as well as life insurance coverage disputes which have created a great name for him in the legal sector.


Together with nine of his colleagues in Kluger Kaplan, Bruce Katzen was recognized by The Best Lawyers in America© in its 2019 edition for his legal expertise and excellence. As a founding member of the group, Bruce was beside himself with joy, for the great honor that was accorded to him and his team members. The recognition works to show the firm’s dedication to the legal profession. It also confirms the strong reputation the nine attorneys have earned through their commitment in the delivery of exceptional client service. Through integrity and professionalism, Kluger Kaplan’s Trust & Estate’s Litigation Practice Group has become one of the most successful legal firms in the country.


Bruce Katzen is very passionate about all the prevailing cases of his clients. This, together with hard work and his background skills in accounting and finance has provided him the exact formula he needs in winning all the financial fraud and complex commercial cases he handles. He started off as a certified public accountant, a career that spiked his interest in the areas of financial fraud and probate issues. This is the job that has helped him understand better the issues that he handles in his career as an attorney.

How Hussain Sajwani is Taking over the Real Estate Business in Dubai

Hussain Sajwani is an entrepreneur, founder, and chairman of glitzy property development company, DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is one of the largest luxury residential and commercial properties development and management in the Middle East. The company has completed over 21,700 homes since inception while another 44,000 units are at different stages of completion. Their exceptional work has led them to expand to other countries like Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and Qatar.

Hussain Sajwani has been in the entrepreneurial field from a young age where he used to run his father’s shop. This experience helped him pick up the requirements of a good business venture. He has a degree in Economics and Industrial engineering from the University of Washington. After school, he got a job at the Abu Dhabi National Oil. While working there, he started his first company in the food industry. The business provided catering for many high-end customers like Bechtel and the United States Army.

In the 1990’s Hussain Sajwani saw a gap in the hotel industry and exploited it by constructing middle range hotels to host visitors. There was an influx of people due to the collapse of the Soviet Union which led to people moving a lot to seek business opportunities. Towards the end of 2001, a bill that made foreigners eligible to own property in Dubai was passed. Sajwani applauded the law and started his company that would build luxury properties for sale, DAMAC Properties. The response was so confident that he would sell units even before they were developed. The company is listed on the Dubai Stock Exchange where it trades stocks.

Due to his dominance in Middle East, Hussain Sajwani (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) has cultivated friends in high places like the president of the US Donald Trump. The two businessmen have collaborated on the construction of The Trump International Golf Course, designed by golfer Tiger Woods. DAMAC Properties works with sister companies like Bugatti, Fendi Casa, Just Cavalli, and Versace in interior design and marketing. The company supports various charities and organizations that support the needy in the society. They recently gave out 2 million AED to help the clothing of poor and needy children.


The DAMAC Owner Has Built Stuff Up

Hussain Sajwani hung out with Donald Trump quite a few times in the past. They have done real estate business with each other, though them and their families have hung out on a more personal level. When you work with people, have things in common with people and are in the same class group, it only makes sense that people like Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump would be buddies. The liberal media in the United States claims to be so understanding, but it is not very understanding when they fail to refuse the justified reasons behind the friendship that exists between two men and their families.

Hussain Sajwani is the leader of DAMAC Properties, a UAE-based organization that develops residences fit for luxury-level incomes. The DAMAC owner has done the same type of business as Donald Trump when it comes to building hotels and residences. It is actually very interesting that both men are very similar, yet they both have very different and unique life stories.

In an interview, Hussain Sajwani said he grew up in the United Arab Emirates, and he is ethnically Arabian. The Middle East has seen a lot of transformation in the years that the DAMAC owner has been alive, and he has been at the forefront of this change. As a real estate developer, he has erected luxurious buildings that have turned the Middle East into an even-more-flashier paradise. The transformation has been outstanding and is worthy to read about.

In a post from Zawya, it says that Hussain Sajwani is a great inspiration to those who have the dream of being their own boss. He is the one guy who everyone wants to be. A large portion of entrepreneurs usually fail, though Hussain Sajwani was never one of them. He is in the demographic of successful ones.

The DAMAC owner (@hussainsajwani) is very cultured and experienced when it comes to development and the conditions of the world.

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