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Mike Baur: A Dazzling and Ambitious European Businessman

Mike Baur is a painstaking entrepreneur who has a superior track record in Switzerland, his nation of residence and rearing. The entrepreneur has made waves with a company that’s called the Swiss Startup Factory. He’s among its co-founders. He also works as its managing partner. Entrepreneurship hasn’t been the sole focal point of Baur’s career. He, prior to entering the entrepreneurship world, was a banking professional for more than two decades. Baur had employment with notable financial institutions such as Clariden Leu and UBS AG (Union Bank of Switzerland). He made the decision to leave the financial world, however, after developing an interest in startup organizations. He started investing in them in earnest and the rest is history. In 2014, he was behind the launching of the Swiss Startup Factory. The company’s other two hard-working founders are Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


Baur was a big part of the START Summiteer. This took place at the University of St. Gallen. He was a jury member for the competition. The goal behind the contest was to assess startup organizations and their strengths. Baur landed a position as CTI Invest’s deputy managing director in the winter of 2016. This occurred right when CTI Invest joined forces with the Swiss Startup Factory. He guided the latter company via its in-depth accelerator program. This program was a collaboration with the Goldback Group. He was in charge of all of this in the beginning of 2016. The Wall Street Journal is one of the most widely known financial publications in the world. It delved into this businessman’s illustrious career at the end of 2016. That’s when it discussed the beginning of his vocation in banking in Switzerland. It also discussed his journey with startup organizations and with entrepreneurship in general.


Baur spent his formative years in the Freiburg part of Switzerland. Freiburg is home to an abundance of gorgeous and tranquil sights. He entered the banking universe as a teenager. He was merely 16 years in age when he secured his first banking position. He earned an apprenticeship with UBS then. A manager who worked in recruitment talked to him about the course of his upcoming career with the bank. He talked in significant detail about promotion opportunities that may come Baur’s way with the passing of time. Oddly enough, Baur didn’t end up staying in the banking community for the rest of his existence.


Susan McGalla Paves The Way For Women In The Boardroom

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman and entrepreneur has paved the way for women seeking to break that glass ceiling. She has successfully run two Fortune 500 businesses and currently runs her own firm P3 Executive Consulting LLC.

The reason for McGalla’s success is because she was fearless. Growing up in a family with two older brothers and a father football coach laid the groundwork for her success. She was raised with a work ethic that let her know that nothing is given. If she wanted to be successful, she had to work hard to get it. And her gender was absolutely not a reason for failure.

McGalla took that attitude into the workplace, where she was highly-respected by her peers and her gender was never a consideration.

After she graduated from Union College, she went to work for Joseph Horne Co. She worked in a number of positions, including marketing and sales. She moved on to American Eagle Outfitters. This is where she made her mark. McGalla says she saw very few women in the boardroom. But through her hardwork, she was finally promoted to CEO.

During her tenure at American Eagle Outfitters, the company’s sales skyrocketed. After her work was done, McGalla decided to go out on a limb and open her own company.

Her P3 Executive Consulting helps start-up companies that need help with staffing, financial advice, sales, marketing and other business solutions.

McGalla is the current Director of Marketing for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. She also serves on a number of local boards.

One of her favorite things to do is travel the nation giving speeches to women who are trying to make it in the business world. But she also enjoys the autonomy of owning her company and calling the shots.

She says she is hoping that more women reach her level of success.

Finding Effective Strategies With White Shark Media

White Shark Media has a lot of insight into marketing. One thing that the company points out to business owners is that there are some activities they are already participating in that are likely to be very effective for the marketing and sales of the products or services. One thing that White Shark Media describes is social media. Many people of all walks of life are on social media. They are also posting a lot on the platforms that are available to them. If they are doing a lot of posting, then chances are that they have a following that is going to be involved with their business.

When looking at social media platforms, among the best platforms to look into are Twitter and Facebook. One of the reasons that they are so effective for business is that they allow more than text. They also go into visual content. Therefore, business owners have tons of room to make a advertising campaigns that are going to amaze people and bring in tons of conversions. Also, there is a much deeper connection with the brand than with other methods of marketing and advertising. These days, connections are more important than incessant advertising.

Another thing that is important according to White Shark Media is differentiating between the different posts that are used in social media. White Shark Media has pointed out that sales-based posts, and brand based posts. When companies post brand-based posts, they talk about the different events they have going as well as partnerships. Sales-based posts are meant to get people to visit the company and buy something. Knowing the different types of effective strategies is one thing. It is a totally different matter to be able to find the right balance that will not only increase the conversion, but also the comfort that one has with the business.

Adam Milstein: Multicultural Philanthropist

Part of being an American, is knowing that you are only part American and part your own cultural identity. Philanthropic leader Adam Milstein understands this more than most, as he lives and operates his business in the United States, but his heart is with his people who are fighting for their own rights in Israel.

While some immigrants come to the states with the intention of assimilating, Adam Milstein understands how important it is to remember parts of your culture. No matter how successful things are in the United States, immigrants should remember the home that made them and the people struggling there. That is why Adam Milstein’s efforts in assisting the Jewish population of Israel has ranked him as one of the “200 Most Influential Do-Gooders in the World” along with Bill and Melinda Gates or Elong Musk.

Adam Milstein believes that instilling the Jewish pride through family heritage is one of the most important and effective ways for helping his future generations understand passion and purpose. Then, their passion and purpose can be directed towards families, community, leadership, and overall the country in which we all live. Because of this belief in unity, Adam Milstein instills the need within his community to lend helping hands, and he really exemplifies this through his own philanthropic efforts in his non profit titled The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which has been helping humanitarian efforts in Israel for the Jewish population struggling to receive their rights.

Adam Milstein is dedicated to making sure his culture thrives in the United States, which is mutually beneficial to all because understanding and working with other cultures, as well as nurturing your own, increases patience, understanding, and tolerance when we meet anyone who is different than ourselves. Maintaining this pride throughout the future will ensure that Jewish values and their strengths never disappear from our traditional melting pot of culture.

Bitcoin Is Not A Good Investment Says Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is always researching stocks and other investments and sharing with his followers which company or industry stocks they should be paying attention to. He used to provide his insights and advice for only the wealthy clients of Wall Street, but now he gives that information to anyone who wants it at his affordable newsletters at Banyan Hill. Mampilly has focused on finding new companies to invest in that most big name papers won’t tell you about, and one investment he recently brought up was Bitcoin.

Mampilly says he likes what Bitcoin is about because this digital currency is a way for money to become decentralized and not affect people with unstable interest rates. But he says he’s not recommending investing in its stocks because there’s become a bubble with them. The bubble he says has come from Bitcoin growing too popular that its price has become overly high, and since that’s how the bubbles in the dot-com crash and the housing crisis were formed, he predicts Bitcoin will suffer the same fate though not all in one big crash. Mampilly did say that there was another digital currency investors should look at that they can find out by subscribing to his newsletter.

Paul Mampilly worked for several major banks across the world and a New York hedge fund before becoming an independent newsletter author. He immigrated to the US from the UAE to attend Montclair State University back in the 1980s, and he recalls working in a gas station and cafeteria to support himself through those years. But he managed to graduate in 1991 and then got a job as a research assistant at Deutsche Bank, and as he became a savvy investor he started taking over full client portfolio management. ING, Sears, Banker’s Trust and a private Swiss bank all benefited from Mampilly’s expert services as well.

@Twitter: Paul_M_Guru

Paul Mampilly joined one of the top hedge fund companies in 2006 at Kinetics International and grew their client base to where the AUM reached $25 billion. Barron’s named this hedge fund the “world’s top hedge fund for returns as high as 43%” while Mampilly was there. Mampilly also turned a $50 million investment to $88 million in 2008 when he won the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. Mampilly is also one of the first investors who bought into Facbeook and Netflix and sold their stock for a hefty profit when they became big companies.

Paul Mampilly Says Being “Chipped” Is the Wave of the Future

Todd Lubar the icon in real estate investment

Todd Lubar is famed to be the most successful businessman in Maryland and many corners of the world. He went through struggles in his career course to reach the present level. Presently, Todd Lubar is the CEO and president of TDL Global Venture. He believes in making ideas the reality and working hard brings success in all aspect of life. Todd Lubar in his position heads professional marketers together with a large number of clients who demand his services at TDL Global Venture.

When Todd Lubar attained his degree, he ventured himself into real estate industry and joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In his first venture, he gained knowledge and experience concerning conventional Mortgage banking. Todd spent his time relating to real estate agents, CPA`s, financial planners, and insurance agents who are well-known for their clients for their services. He believed that the relationship he was creating with the agents could yield referrals for the business.

Todd Lubar left Crestar to work for Legacy Financial Group, Texas. His second job exposed Todd to the corporate world of lending money. He had acquired exceptional skills in the finance industry which enabled him to establish Maryland office. It was an excellent boost to the Legacy Financial Group in that the post generated more than 100 million dollars as the loan in one year.

According to Patch, it was in 2002 when he founded Legendary Properties, a residential development company. Todd Lubar hard-work, track record, and passion in mortgage banking landed him at Charter Funding, Arizona in 2005 where he served as the senior VP. Later he purchased money mortgage from the Priority Financial Services.

However, being an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar has purchased and acquired companies in the different sector of the economy. Todd has enterprises in the commercial demolition industry, nightclub ventures, real estate and in the recycling business. The heart of his success has always been in the real estate business.

Todd Lubar is an alumnus of Syracuse University where he pursued Bachelors of Business Administration, Speech Communication major. Being the CEO of TDL Global Ventures alongside the President of Legendary Investments, Lubar is committed to helping people in need of money.

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The Whitney Wolfe Herd Social Media Takeover

Whitney Wolfe Herd knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to creating the type of dating app that is going to make it possible to find people that are more compatible. This is something that many singles have struggled with when it comes to dating apps because there is so much spam out there. There are people creating profiles that are not really authentic, and this is the reason that many dating apps get such a bad reputation.

Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to give people something to think about when it came to dating because she wanted to create a different concept. Whitney Wolfe Herd was interested in actually bringing forth a different strategy where women would make the first move. This would be the thing that made people aware of what was happening with Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is someone that is giving people a different look at dating apps, but she is also giving people the ability to connect with new friends and build better network circles. These are just a few of the many things that are becoming part of the structure for Bumble.

Bumble Bizz has become the app that people look forward to if they are interested in building a network circle. This is all part of the infrastructure inside of Bumble, and it speaks to a new world of app development where women are taking the lead. It definitely serves as a better platform for women to communicate with one another on business ideas and other entrepreneur endeavors.

There may also be women that are moving from one city to another and they may just want to make some new friends. Bumble BFF is making this happen. It is good to have an app like this because people can find friends that have common interests the same way that they can find dates that may have the same personalities that they have.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has really made it so much easier for people to become interested in utilizing app technology because it is easier. There is not a lot of wasted time trying to get along with someone that may not even have the same interests. It is definitely a time-saver, and it puts people into a comfort zone that starts with texting. No one has to give their number out until they feel that they are actually ready to do so with the app crowd and to know more

David Giertz’s Take on Social Security and the Aging Population

There are many people that look forward to the day where they can lay down their briefcases and spend their days on a beach somewhere warm. When it comes to retirement, there seems to be a lot of dreaming and not enough planning. The recent article, “These Big Mistakes Will Result in Smaller Social Security Checks” on talks about the risks that retirees are taking when drawing Social Security. Within the article, prominent financial adviser David Giertz even warns that almost 40% of retirees are not able to live the retirement that they initially envisioned for themselves. This can be due to health problems or lower incomes.

It is important for the aging population to engage in better financial planning. Giertz points out that many retirees used to be dependent on pensions throughout retirement but as the population ages, pensions are drying up. Retirees need to understand what they can do to make the most out of their money. The author states that one of the worse things a retiree can do is take their Social Security benefits too early. Even though they are eligible for them at 62, they can see as much as a 25% permanent decrease in their benefits. They advise that working as long as possible, up to age 70, will help maximize benefits.

The fact is that while Social Security benefits are important, they should not be the only plan that retirees have for their future. They should seek out the advice of professionals, such as David Giertz, on appropriate avenues to help have the retirement that they want. Giertz, a former President of Nationwide Financial Distributors, Inc., has extensive knowledge of the financial industry. Obtaining an MBA from the University of Miami, he knew from the start that he wanted to help people throughout their lives. He continues to remain a vocal advocate for proper financial planning and has been involved with many organizations that reflect those values. For David Giertz, financial planning is key.

Protect your health with Life Line Screening Company

Life Line Screening is a company that was established in 1993 to deal with health issues. It is a screening company that deals with screening health problems in our bodies. The company which is located in Texas is more concerned with screening cardiovascular diseases that may be underlying in our bodies. The intention here is to protect people from dying of diseases that can be protected. Their main role is to help people detect problems that may affect their health later in life. It is a protective measure to ensure no one is caught off guard by health issues that are protective.

Cardiovascular diseases are diseases that can be lethal. They usually occur when they are least expected. They can be detrimental to our health and may cause sudden death. Most of them are emergency cases that affect our blood circulation process. Cardiovascular-related diseases are a leading cause of deaths in the country. They cause deaths for more than six hundred thousand people in the country every year. To protect such deaths from happening, there is a need for one to engage in protective measures that will protect them from such diseases that can be fatal. Regular visits to a screening company have the advantage of informing us the status of our health. Protective living has many advantages in that it keeps us updated about the status of our healthy life.

The protective living is good for anyone as it is a way through which one will be able to plan for the way ahead. It is not good to make decisions in life when we are not even aware of the status of our health. It should always come first. People who take time to visit a screening company will have better chances of address their health issues earlier before any adverse effects are noticed. Early detection of diseases means one will be able to address such issues before they get to advanced stages.

Life Line Screening Company is interested in coming up with protective measures that will enable us to live a safe life free of concerns about our health. Life Line screening has the best services in the country. Anyone who would like a comprehensive test should pay them a visit and have their health issues investigated. Lifeline has some of the best tests that will ensure that even the minor problems are tested and detected if any.

General Overview of the Brazilian Businessman Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is head of different organizations with so much popularity in Brazil. In the world of business and most importantly finance, Mr. Felipe has had restless moments always aiming to achieve all the best. He working in different organizations back then has made him wiser in matters to do with finance which has always been his field. In the current firms which he is running as the head, there are so many developments witnessed. This is after all of his knowledge and skills in business being put to keen practice and consideration.

He has been elected as not only the chairman but head of boards of many companies he has worked for after his remarkable skills and experience were noted. He is right in matters to do with infrastructure where he merges or even forms partnerships with so many organizations which always show a sign of escalation. He is very cautious with how the economic status of Brazil has been fairing believing in doing more to uplift it. It always pains him when he sees that the financial wealth is so much wasted and finds it or not Montoro comes up with ways to change all that.

He is a literate whereby he graduated with a degree in his higher learning. He has made Brazil be a hub of finance due to his passion for the finance industry. Due to the many years of experience, he has in this field; he guides and treats all of his employees with care thus enhancing their performance. Proving to all of his colleagues and friends to be the best in his field of duty has been his precious desire in which he has put to practice. Proving his leadership skills in business being the best has enriched his friendship tie with his allies worldwide.

Find out more about Felipe Montoro Jens:,4d1cfee159791826fd7c00be88ff5defx4uhd4g6.html