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Living the Right Balance for Entrepreneur: Nitin Khanna

Dreams are made of silver linings and gruesome discipline. Entrepreneurs live this way of life on a daily basis. In order to maintain a sane mindset and stay successful in an extremely competitive world, many worldly entrepreneurs need to discover the right combination of work and personal relaxation.

From a young age of 17, an upcoming Indian immigrant, Nitin Khanna, came to the United States to begin an exciting time in his life and career. He began with completing his Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering. Creating companies and turning them into profitable powerhouses came with natural talent, as he sold his first company “Saber Corp.” — a Software Solutions provider— to the U.S. Government for millions of dollars.

Khanna’s home town was Portland, Oregon. He believed in sharing his entrepreneur skills with other local companies. He had set a personal thesis: to help others succeed.

This thesis in turn, increased the value of Khanna’s expertise even further. Other companies were amazed with his early on successes and inquired for his advice.

Nitin and his brother decided to expand their work into a “Tech Start-Up” business.

“Merger Tech,” became Khanna’s next genius born company.

Of course, the intense discipline and long hard hours dedicated to Khanna’s endeavors were rewarding, but he also had interests for his creative and social side of life.

Nitin had a passion for the night life club scene. He envisioned a “never before seen style of night life entertainment.” Along side 4 others, they secured a prominent historical building in Portland, turning it into a club with experiential artwork and created an underground scene with live music and DJs pumping the beats. Nitin Khanna extended his talents and love for vibrant club scene music into becoming a main line DJ at his club “No Vacancy.”

Khanna has represented entrepreneurs well, in showing work and pleasurable pursuits, need to go hand in hand. He is a believer in stress reduction and less anxiety in the demanding business world. Other high level CEOs have followed in his footsteps.

Nitin’s love of wine and helping other companies grow set him

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Meet the Serial Entrepreneur, Luke Lazarus

In the modern world, the chances of establishing a startup to becoming a successful venture are extremely slim. It has been known that 90% of startups do not celebrate their fifth birthday. The majority of people are left depressed while others end up losing all their savings.

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It is, therefore, a prudent idea to have requisite knowledge when establishing a business. Some businesses have been able to realize their potential because of their deep commitment to success. This is especially when there is slow job growth. When an economy cannot feed its people, that is a good indication that the majority of startups in the regions are at risk.

Some people have a wide knowledge of experience in the sector and believe that they can do something to help the dying sectors. A business startup requires an expert to take it through the stages of growth.

It calls for patience and thus only a few people are likely to change the situation. These people are called serial entrepreneurs who have a lot of experience dealing with these businesses. They are also believed to have been very aggressive in their school days. They also possess very special knowledge that is necessary to enable them to grow in their careers.

One of these few serial entrepreneurs is Luke Lazarus. He has a wide range of experience in the business sector. He is so proud of his achievement and his career has been a great success. Luke started realizing his dreams while he was still young.

At only 8 years he was able to start his first business. So many people had hopes in him while he was in high school. He received so many scholarships to join universities because of his exemplary performance. He was a straight-A student and a sportsman. Many Universities approached him so that he could join them but he declined.

Luke Lazarus was raised in Melbourne, Australia and had a very special love for his home town. After high school, he decided to join Melbourne State University for a degree in business administration and later an MBA. He immediately joined the self-employment world where he would be able to advance in his career.

In his first ten years of business, he immediately launched several startups which he later sold at very good prices. He was able to accumulate a lot of wealth while at age 35.

Luke Lazarus later decided to venture into other sectors of business and decided to set up a consultancy firm. He focused his attention on advising major entrepreneurs on ways to help their firms to grow towards celebrating many birthdays.

Many serial entrepreneurs decided to retire at an early age but Luke had a very unique approach. He decided to share his skills with the outside world. He is so skilled in his career and has managed to help so many people who are very proud of his businesses.

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Today, the majority of these businesses have managed to realize their full potential and also managing to generate a good flow of profits.

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Michael Nierenberg Bear Stearns Wallmine

Michael Nierenberg is an investment banker that has a very seasoned past in the field of global mortgages and scrutinized products. Micheal Nierenberg has worked for such companies as JP Morgan, Bear Sterns, Bank of America Merill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, and where he works now with New Residental Investment Corps. Visit Daily Forex Report to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

The first job that Micheal Nierenberg work in the financial sector was with Lehman Brothers. During this time with this company his main focus was on adjustable-rate mortgages. Michael Nierenberg worked with this company for 7 years before moving to Bear Sterns where he would work for 14 years and eventually sit on the board of directors.


MIcheal Nierenberg worked on projects with Bear Sterns including Mortage Backed Securities and co-headed up the interest rates and foreign exchange trading operations. After leaving Bear Sterns Michael Nierenberg then moved on to work with J.P. Morgan as the head of Global Securitized Products and a member of the management committee for investment banks. Micheal Nierenberg then moved on to Bank of American Merrill Lynch where he served as managing director for Global Mortgages and securitized products. Micheal Nierenberg now currently works for New Residental Investment Corps where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer since 2013 and the Chairman of the Board since 2016. Read more at about Michael Nierenebrg.

How Alexis Kennedy Brought Dreams to Life in the Game World

Cultist Simulator, an Alexis Kennedy game, is a fantasy narrative set in a whimsical, often mysterious and scary world. Life in this world mimics life in the real world, as actions cause reactions and carry consequences. Gamers can be and do anything their hearts desire, from wreaking havoc on the lives of people that have wronged them, to finding love, getting married, and living a life of indulgence with a conceptualized family. But where would the fun in that be?

There are old Gods and forbidden secrets to behold in the Cultist Simulator game. Gamers can choose their skillsets, perfect their crafts, and draw cards to decide their fates. But every card reroutes the course of their in-game life, so gamers never really know what might happen next. No single gameplay experience is like another.

Alexis Kennedy has written a fantastical, and oft-times romantic or morbid, game in Cultist Simulator. Founded in 2017 via a 300-percent backing on Kickstarter, the game has since been nominated for several awards, like the Develop Star Award for best game design and BAFTA award for game innovation and debut.

Where can you play Cultist Simulator?

Gamers can download the indie favorite from the App Store, Google Play, Humble,, and GOG. It’s also available on STEAM, where gamers can watch others’ reviews before deciding to play Cultist Simulator themselves.

Info About Alexis Kennedy, a Dynamic Game Designer

Headquartered in London, England, Alexis Kennedy is a British-born indie game designer and creative director who wears many hats of his chosen profession. Owner of Weather Factory, a game design and development studio, Kennedy began his career with Fallen London in 2009. Other projects that he has successfully completed include Machine Cares in 2012, Dragon Age: The Last Court in 2014, and (of course) Cultist Simulator in 2018.

The successes of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer

Sustaining growth in a business is never easy. With the many factors that influence business growth and profitability, it is clear that many companies are failing. Most causes of failure in business are lack of being dynamic. Everything calls for change in today’s globe. In the media industry, the factors remain the same. People that invest in the sector are putting many efforts to make their ventures outstand. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has continued to see his venture shine in the industry. Though financial discipline is a great factor that he keeps considering in his company, he still focuses on other issues that he knows might cause a change in his company. He is widely recognized in the whole of South American for his expertise in media presentations. Besides, his workers that keep his clients pleased make a better part of his enterprise, reports by

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer never goes low in his career due to his prosperities. He has received several nominations and awards or his genius nature. Through appreciation and recognition, he has known the abilities he has towards the industry. Most times, he strives to use the opportunities he wins from others to bring out the things that matter to the lives of everyone. As an executive that does not let pride overcome him, he always nurtures others by giving them chances to feel good about themselves by showing their achievements to him. Besides, when he has extra capital, he invests it in individuals that tend to have great potential in becoming excellent in the future.

 Additionally, as the CEO of EFB Ventures, Eduardo Melzer segments the number of clients he can acquire in his company. When he needs to introduce a new program in his media house, the research that he makes enables him to decide whether to go by his ideas or ignore them. Most of the programs he airs are well revised and reviewed by his experts, who determine the right time and audience for the latter. He knows that the steps he decides to take can influence the lives of everyone in the entire globe, and thus, he acts soberly when in business.

Sergey Petrossov


At 29 years old, Sergey Petrossov, CEO of JetSmarter, has changed a long staid industry and has the backing of the music industry’s icon, Jay-Z.  But it was an incidental moment that brought his company into reality.  When a friend asks him along on a trip that included a private chartered plane, he was taken aback by the whole experience.  Yes, it was luxurious but the process to book the flight seemed so archaic.  Booking included making phone calls and sending faxes.  Sergey Petrossov thought to himself ‘faxes, really?’ and wondered why there wasn’t an app that could be used to book the flights.  Then checking into the industry, he realized that there were more planes spending time on the ground than there were in the air.  That’s when he realized that this was an opportunity to recreate the private charter flight industry.

Working as a third-party company and with the backing of many well-known individuals, including Saudi family members, Sergey Petrossov has disrupted an otherwise staid industry.  His company is now sometimes called the ‘Uber’ of the skies for their one feature.  People can book flights anywhere in the world using the app, but they can also share rides with other fliers who have already booked.  This ridesharing feature gets planes, who would have just spent time in the hanger, into the skies making money for their owners.  What started as a simple question has become a $1.5 billion company.  It has also made private charter flights more affordable for more people thus broadening the customer base for the industry.  For Sergey Petrossov, that’s a win for everyone.


  When asked about his career, he modestly replied, “I don’t know.  I think some people just have drive and passion for what they’re doing.  That’s the most important thing for entrepreneurs.  If you have a real, deep drive, no matter how much you’re knocked down, you can always get your head up.” 

U.S. Money Reserve CEO Angela Koch Highlights The Importance Of Employee Growth

Though Angela Koch has achieved quite a significant amount of success as the CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve, it took her a large amount of them to get to the position.

Throughout this time, Koch’s career has been marked by perseverance and determination, which has allowed her to work her way up a variety of corporate ladders. Alongside this, the business professional has carried a variety of philosophies with her, each of which has played a role in her success.

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Perhaps the most notable of these is that she’s always believed in knowing as much as possible about the company that she works with. This has been highlighted throughout each of the firms that Angela Koch has worked with over the past few decades.

By doing so, she’s been able to make sure that she knows how her work fits into the company at large, which has allowed her to do her job effectively.

As a result of this, she has been able to understand what’s needed to perform her role to a high standard, which has meant that she’s stood head and shoulders above many of her colleagues.

During this time, she received a variety of accolades while she continued to climb the corporate ladder. This success had also meant that several firms had come calling during her career, which had allowed her to achieve a greater amount of success during the past few years than she may have thought when she first began working.

The primary reason for this is that, when Angela Koch first began her career, she had to juggle two or three low-paid jobs to make ends meet for herself and her family.

Through her determination and hard-working attitude, however, she’s been able to work with a large number of well-known names during her career. For the past few years, she’s held a variety of roles with the U.S. Money Reserve, with her philosophies helping her to make her way up the company’s ladder steadily.

As a result of this, she has become the only female CEO in the precious metals industry, while also being able to make a significant impression of the firm’s corporate culture.

Much of this has been focused on placing a considerable amount of emphasis on investing in employees and their professional and personal growth. While doing so, Angela Koch has focused on a variety of factors, with much of this being highlighted by the high-quality training that each employee receives.

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During this time, she has aimed to ensure that everybody who works with the U.S. Money Reserve can connect with their clients and create high-quality relationships.

By doing so, Angela Koch looks to make sure that each employee sees as much success as possible at the company, with this subsequently having a positive impact on the firm.

Throughout this time, Angela Koch has suggested that finances shouldn’t be a primary concern. Instead, she has said on several occasions that by focusing on employee growth, the organization should see the money come in during the months and years that follow.

US Money Social Profiles;

US Money Reserve | Facebook
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US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

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Peter Harris Proven Results

CBL Corporation Limited was founded in 2012. This well-known company is a provider of reinsurance services. It offers property deposit bonds, rental guarantee bonds, underwriting, income protection, and brokerage services for building and construction. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the company conducts financing in the insurance industry and provides these services worldwide.

Former CEO and managing director of this regional insurer, Peter Harris, developed the successful growth strategy that made CBL an international corporation. During his tenure, Harris grew the company from just two employees in Auckland to over 550 across 25 countries. Leading an international team, specialty insurance as reinsurance was provided based on credit and financial risks within the industries of building, construction, and contracting.

Peter Harris earned his Master’s Degree from the University of Auckland. After graduating he began his career as a manufacturing executive and later became an investment banker. Since that time he has been the winner of many prestigious business awards. Concerning annual GWP, he oversaw and contributed to CBLs growth from fledgling to New Zealand’s largest insurance company. The establishment received an investment-grade rating of A under his tenure. As well AM gave them a positive outlook in terms of financial strength.

Recently Peter Harris, CBL’s deputy chairman Alistair Hutchinson, and senior management members generated a total of $65 million with the sell of their CBL shares. The shares were sold at a discounted rate of AU$3.00 per share, down 11% from Tuesday’s AU$3.35 per share. The number of shares sold by Harris was five million. Hutchinson sold 5.4 million shares and senior management sold another 9.6 million shares. Shortly after the company’s fiscal year-end results had been announced and following the release of the shares from escrow, they were snatched up by multiple investors from New Zealand and Australia

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The Unique Balance between Sports and Education by Mark Holyoake

A lot of people develop interests in sports and athletics globally. However, only a few manage to pursue their talents such that they can earn a living from doing what they are passionate about. Some of them quit due to the lack of resilience that is required for one to excel in any activity. For instance, for you to excel in sports, you require a lot of persistence while at the same time, endure a lot of pain. This is necessary for the body fitness that will keep you in an excellent position, ahead of your competition. Another challenge that sports enthusiasts face is that of balancing between their passion and other fundamental aspects of life, such as education and family. A lot of successful athletes find themselves in a situation whereby they only excel in sports but forego their education. Eventually, they find themselves in a difficult situation after they retire from sports, and their source of income is gone.

An exception of this life-trap scenario is Mark Holyoake, a renowned professional gymnast globally. Born and raised in New Zealand, Mark Holyoake developed a passion for sports at the tender age of 9. By the time he was ten years old, the sports scouts in New Zealand had recognized his talent. They incorporated him into the national academy, where he would train with other upcoming talented children. His developing talent and passion for gymnastics snowballed, making him internationally recognized at a very young age. He started competing at the international level when he was 15 years old.

One unique aspect of Mark Holyoake is that even as he tried to nurture his talent in sports, he continued to have a positive attitude towards academic excellence. At that age, he was lucky to have a macro-mind, which enabled him to appreciate the importance of education. He put a lot of effort into both sports and school, hence excelling in both fields. In academics, he went to Auckland University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science. In the Gymnastics field, Mark Holyoake exhibited a brilliant performance by winning significantly during the 2010 Olympic Games.

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HGGC’s Latest Merger with Mi9 Retail is Expected to Boost their Operations

Last October 15, HGGC announced about their very latest merger agreement with Mi9 Retail.The HGGC portfolio company in software for grocery and consumer packaged goods industries called My Web Grocer will collaborate with Mi9 to bring better services to their many clients. The latter is the number one provider of software solutions for retail types of businesses, and they are all set to do the same for HGGC . On top of this, two well-known investors in Mi9 will be joining the collaboration as well. These two are called the General Atlantic and Respida companies.  

Because of these recent developments, HGGC is at an all time high. With their expansion programs, they are left with no recourse but to hire more people to get things done. Just recently, they promoted ten of their old staff to much higher positions because management could see that they are ready to accept the challenge. Apart from that, they hired five more people to help with the growing demands of their company that has only grown by leaps and bounds because of their long list of strategic investments.

The My Web Grocer is slated to bring new e-commerce strategies to the table. On top of that, they are all set to impart new management strategies for the benefit of the company because more staff members mean dealing with various types of personalities and having to manage them all, so they can work harmoniously for the benefit of the company.

In the meantime, Mi9 will be providing HGGC the very important help they need, especially with topics dealing with demand, price, and promotions management and analytical solutions for retailers. Once the merger is finally completed, this is set to power the retail operations for more than five hundred prominent brands. These brands include worldwide hit sensations like Nike and Levi’s, which is expected to bring in several billions of dollars in revenue.

The co-founder and current CEO of HGGC by the name of Rich Lawson cannot help but gush about this partnership. He said everyone on their team is looking forward to this prolific partnership with Mi9 Retail management team. The latter is set to help them execute the company’s missions and visions. They are set to revolutionize the retail industry by helping the staff find their footing The main goal is to apply more innovative technologies.