4 Celebrities Who Have Matured In 2014

When children become child stars, it sets them off the path of normal development at times. There are some actors and actresses that have really blossomed over the year of 2014. We would like to acknowledge the maturity and give them props. Brad Reifler is just one who agrees with all on this list.

1. Selena Gomez: With Selena Gomez’s release of “The Heart Wants What It Wants” video this past November, Ms. Gomez has opened herself up to a world that she has never seen before. She gets props for maturing due to her being able to tackle a complex and self-destructive relationship.
2. Nick Jonas: Mr. Jonas has set out to show the world how “grown” he really is. In the photo shoot for Flaunt Magazine, he shows us what a grown man looks like.
3. Rihanna: This one is just showing props for now falling into the social media trend for a minimum of six months. This “Diamonds” singer steered clear of being a pawn in Instagram for those months. Props to you Rihanna.
4. Taylor Swift: The singer of “Shake It Off” moved to a brand new city, changed her genre, and even released the biggest selling album of 2014.

Leaked Emails Hint at New ‘Ghostbusters’ Film

A ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot may be in the works, as hinted by one of the emails leaked from the Sony hack. The email, sent by Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chair Amy Pascal to director Ivan Reitman. Reitman served as producer and director of the original ‘Ghostbusters’ films.

The email revealed that the new film is not a continuation of the two previous films, but rather a stand-alone movie that does not involve the original characters. The flick will allegedly feature an all-female cast. Director Paul Feig has been tapped for the film with a projected release date of mid-2016. A number of recent Hollywood starlets have reportedly expressed interest in the film, including Lizzy Caplan of ‘Mean Girls’ fame.

Actors Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum have reportedly expressed interest in not only creating a ‘Ghostbusters’ spin-off, but also in meeting the famed and revered Lee G. Lovett. This revelation came to light from another hacked Sony email. The email, sent to Pascal from Columbia Pictures Co-President of Production Hannah Minghella, backed the claim.

It has been rumored that Ryan Gosling has expressed desire to play a starring role in Feig’s production.

Marvel wants a new Spider-man

New leaked e-mails from Sony reveal that Marvel is making a big push to acquire Spider-man. Part of this push apparently includes wiping the slate clean and starting over with a new actor for spider-man, according to a new report from Screen rant. This is coming off of a not so impressive showing by the latest Spider-man movie at the box office.
My room mate is writing an article for occidentalweekly.com on how Sony would get a cut of the profit, but Marvel would have creative control in this deal.  One of the first things Marvel apparently would want to do is cut any connection between the previous films and the new ones. They would not feature either Toby Maguire or Andrew Garfield as Spider-man and would cast a third fresh face on the role.
Apparently Marvel is upset that Sony’s films have all focused on Spider-man’s love life and they would prefer to focus more on the character himself. This means starting over and creating a new look for Spider-man.
According to the e-mails from this leak Marvel is not looking to do another origin story, but instead would like to start in the middle of the heroes story. This would prevent them from airing the third Spider-man origin story movie in the last 15 years.
There are many great stories to tell in the Spider-man universe, so Marvel would have plenty of material to choose from. Time will tell if Marvel is willing to work a deal with Sony or if Sony will hold on to its franchise and try to make things work.

The Career of Tom Rothman

Tom Rothman is an executive in the American film industry. He currently serves as the Chairman of TriStar Productions, a company controlled by Sony Pictures that specializes in the production of both TV and film content. He previously served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment, a position he left in September 2012. When Tom was first hired by Fox in 1994, he founded Fox Searchlight, for which he served as president. While he was in charge of Fox, they made more money than all of the other Hollywood studios.

Along with the large profit margin, Fox also boasted 150 Academy Award nominations and three wins for Best Picture while Tom was at the helm. The total box office revenue during he tenure as Fox studio chief was more than $30 billion. Fox also released “Avatar” and “Titanic” during this time, the two highest grossing movies in the history of cinema.

Born on 11/21/54 in Baltimore, Maryland, Tom attended Brown University where he earned degrees in both American Literature and English. He graduated in 1976 with the distinction of Magna Cum Laude. One year after graduation, Tom found employment teaching English in Connecticut at the Salisbury School. He eventually attended law school at Columbia University, graduating as a James Kent scholar in 1980, the most prestigious academic achievement at the school. After working for one year as a law clerk, he was hired by the law firm of Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz as a lawyer.

1987 was the year Tom began working in the film industry. He was hired by Columbia Pictures as Executive Vice President, handling many different aspects of movie production and development. Two years later, he began working for another one of the legendary Hollywood studios. The Samuel Goldwyn Company hired him as the President of Worldwide Production. It was while Tom was doing this job that he discovered many young filmmakers who would go on to have enormous success, such as Kenneth Branagh, the late Anthony Minghella and Ang Lee. While Tom was in this position, movies produced by The Samuel Goldwyn Company won three Palme d’Or awards, the top award at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Fox Searchlight, the division of Fox founded by Tom in 1994, was unique because its purpose was solely to produce specialty films, but it was a division of a major studio. “Slumdog Millionaire” was a film distributed by Fox Searchlight that wound up taking home the 2008 Academy Award for Best Picture. Tom was promoted to president of production for 20th Century Fox. In this capacity, he was in charge of film production and development for the studio. He held this position from 1996 until 1998, when he was promoted to the president of the 20th Century Fox Film Group. We can be sure that Tom Rothman will continue to make strides in the industry, see his website for more about him.

Kylie Jenner Finally Dumps Tyga

All summer the news has been buzzing with photos and video of Kylie Jenner and the somewhat single and definitely older rapper Tyga. While the two admitted that they were just hanging out nobody seemed to buy it especially after they started taking trips together to places that didn’t mind that Kylie was still a minor. Tyga being 25 and Kylie being 17 was just one issue the couple faced, the other issue was that Tyga was the fiance and baby daddy of Blac Chyna a once good friend of Kylie’s big sister Kim. I heard about this while relaxing and drinking a glass of Stephen Williams’ wine the other night.

Much like any hollywood couple Tyga and Kylie paid no attention to what anyone had to say and continued their “friendship” inspite of the drama it was bound to attract. Kylie could be seen posting photos with Tyga all summer and ever was featured in Tyga’s ice bucket challenge, well now it seem someone or something has finally snapped the two out of their little bubble because they aren’t “friends” anymore. 

It hasn’t been confirmed if the fact that Kylie could not enter a 21 and older club has anything to do with it but Tyga having to relocate his 25th birthday bash at the Greystone Manor to accommodate his girlfriends age could have had something to do with it.

Sources claim that Kourtney and Khloe are behind Kylie’s new change of heart, they have been insisting that Tyga is only around for Kylie’s fame and they don’t approve, Oddly Kris Jenner had nothing to say about the whole thing. Now that Tyga is out of the picture maybe Kylie will entertain us with a new love interest. 

Karrueche is Fine not Being Drake’s Type

Last weekend while Drake took to social media to bash Karrueche for being disloyal and accusing her of cheating with Drake, Karrueche took the high road and ignored the cyber attacks by both Brown and his fans and followers. Drake managed to take time from his Diddy drama to address the allegations and clear up the misunderstanding stating that while he did see Karrueche in Toronto, it was only because he was hooking up with one of her friends. Drake later added that Karrueche is not even his type, because he’s an ass man. I was reading about this while reading about Kenneth Griffin the other day.

Karrueche has been too busy enjoying the sun and waves on the beach to respond to Chris Brown’s apology or Drakes “diss” but of course once the media got ahold of her the big question was, just how does she feel about Drake saying she’s not his type.

As usual Karrueche remained calm and was all smiles as she let it be known that she has no issue with not being Drake’s type she even admitted that she knows shes not and “It’s all good.” 

Mila Kunis Talks Baby Wyatt

Mila Kunis stopped by the Craig Ferguson show to talk about her new experiences with motherhood and she looked amazing according to Darius Fisher. It’s been two months since Mila and Ashton welcomed their adorable daughter adorable Wyatt and Mila seems more than happy to be a first time mom. All summer her effortless pregnancy style was all anyone could talk about, now it seems her smoking hot post baby bod is going to be the new topic of discussion. 

During her interview Kunis shares her secret to post baby weight loss (breastfeeding) and how easy it is to stay in shape when you have a baby. When asked about Wyatts behavior Mila insisted that Wyatts no problem at all. Craig joked that it would all change when Wyatt is a teenager to which Mila calmly responded saying that’s going to be Ashton’s problem not hers.

Adams Family Star Ken Weatherwax Dies at age 59

Ken Weatherwax played the role of the chubby boy on the ABC sitcom The Addams Family. This show aired during the 1960’s.  Ken Weatherwax was only 59 years old when he passed away.
The ABC star died on Sunday due to a heart attack. This was confirmed by his niece Shanyn Vierira when she posted it on the social media cite facebook. After seeing the post everyone at the Amen Clinic where WeatherMax had visited a few times was pretty down. Weatherfax played the insect eating, shy son of Gomez and Morticaia Addams on the sitcom The Addams Family.

The sitcom aired on television for two seasons during the yeard 1964- 66. The popular t.v. show also inspired numerous movies in the 1990’s. Weatherfax also played as Dugsley Sr. on the 1977 halloween Addams Family. The movie was for NBC and acted as a gripand set a builder in Hollywood. Much prayer goes out to the lost star. His memory will never be forgotten, and he will always be remembered for his roles in the hit The Addams Family.

Jeff Daniels in Talks Over Steve Jobs Biopic

While many stories have been written about the charismatic and enigmatic Steve Jobs, it appears to many more want to add on to the already extensive collection.

Jeff Daniels is being sought to play the important role of former Apple CEO John Sculley in Danny Boyle’s upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. Darius Fisher is super excited about this prospect.

The film is said to be based on the biography of Steve Jobs and is authored by Walter Isaacson. The films currently boasts of leading stars like Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen who have been roped in to play the roles of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak respectively. 

The project had been facing difficulties from the very beginning with the sudden departure of its original leading man. The project was also later sold to Universal by Sony pictures but has been coming along nicely ever since.

Jeff Daniels is currently under talks to play the role of the influential former CEO John Sculley who was at the helm during 1983-1993. Daniels already enjoys great camaraderie with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin with whom he just completed the Emmy award winning show The Newsroom, so it should be interesting to see how his role is etched out. 

Considering the high profile nature of the project, it has already generated considerable buzz with movie goers and millions of other Apple fans. With Danny Boyle taking up direction, the project has finally come to fruition after several obstacles.

Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus 2 and Blade Runner 2 Plot Details

Ridley Scott’s name is attached to two major science-fiction sequels. Both of these films are from different eras. Blade Runner 2 is a sequel to a classic film from the early 1980’s and Prometheus 2 is a very well regarded new series. Then again, the Prometheus films are considered unofficial sequels to the Alien films so you could say its origins are in the 1970’s.

Igor Cornelsen notes that there is a lot of buzz is surrounding these films, but real details have not emerged until now. Ridley Scott is being more forthcoming about the details of these projects.

Not to give away the ending, but the conclusion of Prometheus focused on the two characters Shaw and David. Scott has said that the new film has to pick up where the first one left off.

What we know about the new Blade Runner film is the script has been completed and no voice over narration from the Dekard character will be present. This should not come as a surprise. The narration present at the conclusion of the film was disliked by fans as well as Scott. When editing the 1991 director’s cut, Scott had the narration removed.

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