Taylor Swift Buys Pornographic Web Domain Name

Country music’s princess, Taylor Swift, buys porn domain names? No, certainly not. It couldn’t be? Yes, it could and it has been confirmed that Taylor Swift purchased pornographic website domain names, but not for the reasons you might think (or wish, for those of you with that sort of mindset).

According to various media sources, Swift’s representatives hired a brand reputation service to help acquire the domain names that would soon be for sale to the public. Alexei Beltyukov stated the Internet Association for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced the expansion of generic top level domains, opening up the Internet world to new domain suffixes, such as .porn, .adult, and .sucks. The ICM Registry, the company that oversees the top level domains of .porn and .adult took steps to help assure the protection of certain individuals, companies, and organizations by allowing them to have first dibs at the available domain names.

The early sale of such domain names is not only a move to help protect the image of the specified groups or people, but to help prevent others from purchasing the domain names and then reselling them at an inflated purchase price. Earlier this year, Swift registered lines from several of her popular songs with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

It is reported that Swift is not the only person to take an early initiative to help protect her personal image. It has been reported that Microsoft has also purchased several domain names including Office.adult and Office.porn.

Van Diesel Names His Daughter After Co-Star Paul Walker

Just recently actor Van Diesel and his long time girlfriend gave birth to another one of their children. Especially with the recent advanced screening of Furious 7, the actor has come out and told the world that he is naming is daughter “Pauline” in a tribute to his friend and fellow actor, Paul Walker, whom he was very close with up until his death in a car accident in 2013.

According to an article found on reddit and written by fox2now.com, Van Diesel told the audience in a very emotional statement that he felt as if Walker was right next to him in the delivery room when his daughter was being born. Van Diesel and Paul Walker were very close and it was a huge tragedy the way he passed away, and since he was like a brother to Van Diesel it is nice that the actor can honor his friend in such a way.

It is really touching and comforting to see this human side to celebrities who’s job it is to make us feel like they are these people and heroes on the big screen, but it does take guts for them to show the side of them to the public in which we can all actually relate to stated behance.net. After all, actors and actresses are just regular people too, and it can be hard to remember that sometimes when they are in the spot light.

Vin Diesel Has Third Child

It has been announced that actor Vin Diesel has just become a father again for the third time, as his girlfriend Paloma Jimenez just gave birth to the couple’s number three kid. Vin Diesel, 47, has two other kids who are ages 6 and 4, so this is not the first time that he has had this happen.

According to an article found on reddit and written by ABC news, the actor posted a picture of his new born on to his Facebook page to share it with the world. The baby seems to be in perfect health and will be joining its siblings here in just a couple of days. As far as the post on Facebook, this just goes to show how impacting social media is these days. Not only can the average person share more information about themselves to the world, but celebrities now have a way to interact with their fans without having to get mobbed every time they step outside the door.

Vin Diesel is a big actor that has been in a number of action and drama films as well as a couple off the wall comedies, but he is the type who loves kids so congratulations to him and his long time girlfriend stated Dr Jennifer Walden. Who knows if this will be their last one, but three is a fairly good number and a great size for the avareage family.

Lindsay Lohan Photoshop Fail

Some people would just say hat ‘Mean Girls’ star Lindsay Lohan’s entire career was a failure. The actress, affectionately dubbed LiLo, saw an unexpected rise to stardom starring in some of the hottest films in Hollywood said Bruce Karatz. Lohan attempted to embark on a musical career and shortly after her signature role as the brainy Cady Heron in ‘Mean Girls,’ LiLo’s career took a crash-and-burn tumble from A-lister to criminal. Lohan’s latest epic failure was a photograph that the actress shared through Instagram. The photo shows Lohan, standing in a bodysuit at a private residence. The photograph appears to have been Photoshopped. Following Lohan’s spine down to her rear-end, viewers noticed that the photograph has a suspicious curb in the doorway in front of which she is standing. The curb seems to trace LiLo’s bottom. Did she really use Photoshop on the image to give herself a little more junk in the trunk? The photograph was captured using Live Image and was posted to the starlet’s Instagram account by LiLo herself. “LOL, Photoshop fail!” said another. Unlike some of her so-called live musical performances, Lindsay’s Photoshop trick isn’t going to fool anybody. It is not the first time that the public has believed she used Photoshop to digitally alter her appearance in photographs.

Justin Bieber Is Learning Some New Dance Moves

There is a secret to making sure everybody in the world watches your video and Carly Rae Jepsen have discovered it in her new music video of her song ‘I Really Like You’. Imagine Tom Hanks, Justin Bieber, and a bunch of kittens and you’ll have what Carly has done in her new video. It is actually one of the best moves ever done in a music video to ensure fans from all over the world see it.

The music video is kind of tricky because it has the people in the video training to be in a video. Its a shoot of the shoot of the video which made everything look a lot more fun and it will easily make anyone watching the video smile from ear to ear. Tom Hanks had a blast filming the video, and it shows throughout the music video how he was approaching strangers in the street while practicing his role to tell people how much he likes them.

It’s not just Tom Hanks that made the video amazing stated CNN iReport. You have Justin Bieber learning dance moves with a choreographer and it is the most awesome thing to look at. Towards the end of the video, Tom, Justin, and Carly all meet up and walk together singing the song which is great finale for any video. It is actually very touching and will fill anyone who sees it with happy emotions.

Miley Discreetly Teases with New Music

What Miley has managed to do in the last couple of years is transform herself. She has broken the Hanna Montana chains and gone into bad girl mode. That transformation made the songs that she released a big deal. Now that we are aware of the “bad girl” Miley, she has decided to be a little less over the top for new music releases for the upcoming album.

Right now she is teasing fans with new music possibilities with Wayne Coyne stated Falvio Maluf. She posted some videos on Instagram with herself singing. She had a short clip similar to fellow “bad girl” Rhianna that has also been teasing with new music via Instagram.

The thing about Miley is that she has built a career on having an over the top personality. She has twerked on stage and has been seen topless in photos while on vacation. In other words, her shock value has managed to overshadow her music in most aspects. The subtle approach to new music may simply be a better way to get fans to stay focused on the music. This is not to say that she won’t be popping and shaking her rear end when the music is released. This is just a way to present herself through a new lenses. She may believe that less is more. She has done the unthinkable in recent years so there is no more shock value.

Bruce Levenson remains active in many business areas

The founder of the United Communications Group, better known as UCG, Bruce Levenson has never stood still in the business World. Instead, he has spent many years exploring the opportunities and options his role as a partner in the company has awarded him, from investing in sports franchises to expanding the work of UCG to different area, Levenson has refused to rest on his laurels as a successful business person. In recent years, the focus for Levenson and his family has shifted towards the development of a philanthropic focus to his work, which has seen him donate large sums to create the Center for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

Levenson has led an interesting life in terms of the way he has developed his business, with UCG beginning in a humble store room that was converted into an office space by Levenson and his business partner, Ed Peskowitz. Bruce Levenson himself was working at the Washington Star when the partners developed the Oil Express newsletter that quickly grew to become one of the most important in the oil and gas industry. Forming the United Communications Group in the mid 1970s allowed Levenson and Peskowitz to purchase more and more newsletters and information based companies to create one of the largest business to business suppliers of information for various industries across the globe.

Despite helping to lead UCG to great success, Levenson also looked to expand the business empire that was being created to include new technologies, which are represented by TechTarget and GasBuddy. Levenson also led the investment in the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, which allowed the entrepreneur the chance to sit on the board of governors for the sporting body. The Atlanta hawks have become an important factor in most of Levenson’s philanthropic programs, with the team attending the US Holocaust Museum the Levenson family were instrumental in funding. Perhaps the greatest achievement of Bruce Levenson will be the non profit studies program at the University of Maryland, which has already provided recent graduates with the skills to expand on the good works done by groups in Washington DC and around the World.

‘Toy Story 4,’ Apart from Its Predecessors

Plans for a fourth installment of the ‘Toy Story’ franchise are underway, but according to some reports the fourth film will begin a new chapter for the beloved characters.

Pixar president Jim Morris told members of the press that ‘Toy Story 4’ will be unique, as it “will not be a continuation of the previous three films.’

Morris went on to explain that it was believed ‘TS3’ ended on such a note that the story should not be a direct continuation. While the film will briefly glimpse at the previous adventures of Andy and the toys, “‘Toy Story 4’ will be more of a stand-alone film. It will be a romantic comedy.”

John Lasseter, who directed previous ‘Toy Story’ installments, stated that the characters are loved, “much like a family.” Lasseter later said that the companies did not want to move forward with the “toy universe” unless it could top previous work.
‘Toy Story 4’ is expected to hit theaters in 2017.

Dylan O’Brien Speaks Out about Spider-Man Rumors

Rumors have been swirling that Dylan O’Brien, the 23-year-old star of Teen Wolf, has been tapped to play the new Spider-Man. The rumors came to light after Sony and Marvel came to a deal in which Spider-Man would join the Marvel comic movies, but according to O’Brien the rumors aren’t true.

According to O’Brien he hasn’t auditioned for the role, and had no idea he was a “consideration” until a friend from home called to chastise him for not telling him he was up for the Spidey role stated a recent article in the west orlando news. O’Brien was quick to point out that although he hasn’t heard anything about it professionally, he’s absolutely interested. According to the star, playing Peter Parker is a bit of a dream of his. He went so far as to say he’s flattered by the fact that his name is being tossed around, even if it is just in the rumor mill.

To be fair, O’Brien does happen to have a passing resemblance to Tobey Maguire, the actor who played Spider-Man in the most recent film adaptation of the comics. Logan Lerman, star of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, has also been named as a potential Spider-Man, but that too is just a rumor.

The new Spider-Man film is slated for 2017, according to industry insiders.

A New Pee-wee Herman Film is Coming to Netflix

Pee-wee Herman is back! Netflix, the popular online streaming site, is set to premiere the film “Pee-wee’s Big Holiday.” The movie will be starring Paul Reubens in his iconic role as Pee-wee Herman and produced by Judd Apatow, the man behind comedies like “Knocked Up” and “Bridesmaids.”

Pee-Wee Herman is a quirky, fun-loving character that stole hearts with his child-like energy, quirky facial expressions and off-beat mannerisms. Paul Reubens has been portraying the lovable man since the early 80’s in two television series and films. The recent film has been in the works for over four years but recently gained ground. Reubens and Apatow will be co-producing the production, and the film was written by Reubens and Paul Rust said Brad Reifler.

The new movie, officially title “Pee-wee’s Big Holiday,” will follow Pee-wee as he embarks on his first vacation ever, thanks to a chance meeting with a mysterious stranger. Let the high jinks ensue! Production for the film is scheduled to begin in early 2015.

The convenience, growth and popularity of Netflix made this re-boot film possible. Netflix currently streams many Pee-wee Herman classics like “Pee wee’s Big Adventure,” “Big Top Pee-wee,” “The Pee-wee Herman Show,” and the Emmy Award winning children’s series “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” season one and two.

With a chance to bring in a whole new generational audience to the classic character, Pee-wee is sure to delight. I cannot wait to see what Pee-wee has in store. The bow-tie is back!

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