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Stratford Shields and the Changing World

Stratford Shields is well aware that the world is changing. This means that as a person in the finance world he would need to know how it is changing to be able to prepare for the future. As someone who is the world of bonds and capital markets Stratford Shields makes certain to keep his skills in tact and works to be the very best in what he does.

Stratford Shields knows that the human workforce is something that is undergoing massive shifts and is in the process of learning more about it as he interacts with different clients in the capital markets.

He would be aware of the situation happening in California where the governor of the state is opening up a new commission.

To see how to protect human workforce from getting obliterated by technological developments, and how workforce and automation sectors could coexist in an environment that is viable to both.

What Does the Workforce Commission Entail?

As noted above, the original text of the commission’s proposition has gone through some adjustments ever since Newsom announced it in May 2019. But the real meat of the initiative still exists in all its glory.

The name of the commission has certainly changed to show a more modern and justified outlook on this in-depth study into the effects of technology. After all, Commission on Tech Equity has a less hostile ring to it than the overall Future of Work from the perspective of the tech industry.

But conforming to better sounding standards isn’t the only thing that the commission is pulling off at this moment. According to the current text of the proposition as available on the California Legislative Information portal, the commission is still focused on pulling off its original objective, which was to create an environment where humans could depend on their job security in the face of growing tech and automation.

American Addiction Centers: They Are Everywhere

The great thing about the AAC (American Addiction Centers) is the fact they are everywhere for people. They have numerous locations for someone to check himself or herself into if they find out they are struggling with an addiction.

Addiction hits many people in many ways. The key, however, is being able to recognize it, do something about it, and attack it. Too many people are too relaxed and easy-going about their addiction. They think it will go away on its own. It doesn’t go away on its own. As a matter of fact, it only grows and increases. It gets worse.

That is why they need to rely on the AAC to help them through the process of overcoming an addiction. They have highly trained and skilled therapists and doctors that know what they are doing when it comes to addiction. It is why they are called the AAC.

They specialize in a specific kind of treatment. It is what they were trained to do, and they are going to really make sure that the individual gets the treatment they need.

They are a team, and they all team up to make sure everyone gets the help that is needed for them. With addiction, what works for one person might not be the right way to go about helping someone else. Everyone responds to treatment differently. Some fight it and are not happy about it. Others embrace it and are ready to roll. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

The good news is they know how to treat each and every person that goes into one of their treatment centers. Right now, with the holiday approaching, a lot of people are struggling with a drinking problem.

The AAC did a study on this as a matter of fact, and the numbers were quite alarming: 36 percent of respondents admitted they have driven behind a wheel while blackout drunk. They have also pointed out that even with ride-sharing apps, they still think they are OK to drive drunk.

The fact it has reached this level and this degree, it shows they need serious help. The fact they would jeopardize their own life in this fashion, they are pretty far gone in their addiction. The whole point of this survey is to get people talking and to get people focused on fixing themselves with their addiction. They need to have the right plan in place.

Once they actually say out loud they have a problem and do something about it by entering an AAC treatment center, they will see that life doesn’t have to be this way for them. They don’t need to get drunk to have a good time. They can be happy with friends and family without it.

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The Story of how Andrey Andreev Found Himself

There is a common trait among the innovators of the 21st Century. Each and every single one of them sought to shake up the present status quo. Andrey Andreev is a young innovator from Russia. He grew up dreaming to make it big, but soon found him soul searching for the exact angle he should pursue in life. His story is not the classic tale of a man hitting rich, but rather of someone calculating each step. Andrey Andreev’s success can only be attributed to his careful planning and reasonable expectations at each point of the journey.

Andrey Andreev‘s story begins when he was a curious child. He grew up in a wealthy household where everything was at his disposal. Andreev’s parents were both innovators in the field of science. They ran experiments and would frequently bring home new devices for him to play with. This was a time of peace and tranquility for Andreev. 

It was not until he turned 18 that he hit his first road bump in life. Andrey wanted to see the world, and thus he dropped out of the University of Russia to achieve this ambition. He went traveling around Spain and Europe in search of something that he could call he his own. A unique path forward for his innovative mind (Forbes).

During this period of travel and self-discovery, Andreev made numerous attempts at starting various businesses. While each of them achieved their purpose at the time, he was still seeking more. It was when Andrey developed Mamba, the dating service that the gears of his professional career moved forward. This service was a major hit and laid the foundation for Badoo, an internationally used dating service. It ranks among the highest in its categories.The businessman had at long last discovered his niche in the industry.

Over the years Andrey Andreev has worked to refine his approach more and more. He played a pivotal role in the creation of a female geared service named Bumble. his apps have helped bring the world and the people just a little closer together.

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Luke Lazarus Shares the Top Secret to Setting Up a New Business

If you are starting a new business and have been struggling to get the results you were looking for even after trying every way possible to increase sales, develop efficient business management processes, implement strategic marketing policies, and so on, consult with the well-known businessman and start-up consultant Luke Lazarus.

Over the past few years, Luke has worked with many leading businesses in Australia and helped them grow their business. In today’s date, marketing is vital for businesses because it is marketing that helps companies penetrate the target market with ease.

If your marketing strategy is faulty, it can result in the competition taking over the lead, and you would end up dry and running around corners to get clients.

Luke Lazarus provides comprehensive guidance and analysis of the clients’ business that would unearth what is going right or wrong with the business. It helps the management team of the clients’ company to make changes in their business machinery that leads to growth and increased revenue.

Luke Lazarus believes that by following the modern marketing strategies, using the power of social media and online marketing, start-ups and small businesses can market themselves more productively than it was possible earlier. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

In addition, the use of technology has also helped companies reach out to a larger number of audiences in a short period of tie. But, business owners need to know how to use it effectively.

Luke Lazarus has developed certain innovative marketing strategies over the years, which he has used to help numerous companies and small businesses, including start-ups, to flourish and reach their true potential.

The clear understanding of the financial market and the corporate world has helped Luke Lazarus to provide analytical business guidance to his clients and achieve success.

If you are struggling to take your start-up to the next level, Luke Lazarus is the man you can trust. He has been an asset to many organizations he has worked for and provided an eagle eye’s perspective that has been constructive for the business growth.

Luke Lazarus feels that one of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is to try and do everything on their own. But, Luke feels that they should do what they know best and leave the rest to experts in the fields. It is the reason why most of the smart entrepreneurs hire Luke to help them with their marketing plans.

He has a high success rate as he goes into the depth to understand what his clients want to sell and create a narrative that would help them connect with the customers. Since he has years of experience, he emphasizes on market research to know who would use the product and what are the chances of the new company to be successful.

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American Addiction Centers Recent Lawsuit

American Addiction Centers is a nationwide company that helps individuals work through their substance addictions. This can be alcohol or drugs, but the AAC network helps people create tools to cope with the negative emotions that lead to addiction.

Despite this noble work, the AAC was recently involved in a lawsuit with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP). American Addiction Centers filed against NAATP, stating that they used unfair business practices by blocking AAC content from appearing on google searches.

There is significant regulation in the addiction center industry regarding google search results. This is because there many ‘bad actors’ in this specific sector. Specifically, there are several addiction-focused help lines that posed as unbiased places to get advice about seeking rehabilitation services.

However, these were run by or paid by certain addiction centers to influence people to choose their rehab services. NAATP and regulatory businesses accused American Addiction Centers of being one of these unethical addiction centers.

American Addiction Centers denies all the accusations of this unethical behavior, while the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and other regulatory bodies deny that they punished AAC.

Because of the regulation, however, AAC has not been able to purchase advertisements or work with google in any way. Thus, it has been unable to direct individuals seeking treatment to any of 900 American Addiction Centers across the United States. A measurable drop in patients has been observed by the AAC, making it difficult for some branches to stay afloat. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery

To attempt to remedy this situation, the AAC is suing NAATP for several different offenses. These are: violating the Lanham Act, which works to prohibit misrepresentation of specific goods, services, or other commercial activities.

In addition, the AAC is suing for defamation, tortious interference, constructive fraud, breach of contract, breach of the duty of good faith, and fair dealing, as well as violations of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act. Currently, a decision has not been reached in this case, but the legal teams representing both firms have been in contact with each other.

While the National Association of Addition Treatment Providers denies all the charges that are being filed by the American Addiction Centers, the legal teams of both groups are busy. Both organizations, despite this fight between them, work towards helping patients cope with addiction. This is achieved by helping people recognize what makes them turn towards substances abuse.

Then, upon recognizing these triggers, develop tools and coping mechanisms to deal with them without turning to substance abuse. American Addiction Centers being unable to utilize google for business purposes hurts the ability to help others and this is true regardless the party responsible. A decision in this case will likely be announced soon.

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Nitin Khanna Story in the Entrepreneurial Department

Nitin Khanna has come a long way in the business section. People know the executive because of his creativity, entrepreneurialism, innovation and philanthropy. In his career life, the businessman has showcased his great skills in various industries. Using the resources he has earned over the years, the business executive has tried his best to impact lives by giving those who come from needy backgrounds. The business leader founded a company named Merger Tech few years ago, and currently, he is serving as the chief executive officer. Before starting the successful platform, Nitin Khanna had already served in various technology companies, and he had the skills needed to make the company successful. His great career in the investment world, however, has set him apart from the other people in technology.

There are many factors that pushed Nitin Khanna to become the successful entrepreneur he is today. The businessman was born and raised in his hometown in India, and he had the opportunity to attend boarding schools that are in this country. His father played a role in making sure that Khanna did well in school although he was in the army. The other family members were focusing in business, and they were all very successful in each of the investments they were taking care of. Interacting with family members who were doing well in the investment department motivated Nitin Khanna to work even harder so that he could join them. Fortunately for the businessman, he managed to go and study abroad where he got a degree in industrial engineering.

When his brother joined Nitin Khanna in the United States for his studies, they formed a strong team and then ventured into business. Being in a foreign land did not make the two young executives scared of the business outcome. The brother have raised one of the largest and most successful institutions, giving back to their family members in India. The business executive started to earn money when he was still very young, and this is what he uses to motivate other personalities who are starting their investments after leaving school. Nitin Khanna is also trying to incubate investments for many companies in India.

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Aaron Lupuloff Congratulates Saville on His Induction in Gwinnett Sports Hall of Fame

Nick Saban is a soccer coach in Alabama. May 1, 2019, he introduced six honored people in the hall of fame of public institutions found in Gwinnett County. David Saville was one of the people inducted. He recently graduated from the University of Clemson. Despite suffering from Down Syndrome, Saville inspired a lot of people through his speech. He stated that having a bad attitude is the only disability one could ever have. He stated this when he was delivering his speech as an inductee and also talked about his condition. He is a good model for strength in a community and the benefits a strengthened community can bring in an education environment that is supported strongly for the benefit of the students.

The induction ceremony marked Gwinnett Sports Hall of Fame tenth anniversary. The ceremony was a success given the tremendous support the institutions receive from the residents of Gwinnett County. The residents contribute money in order to make sure that the public institutions of Gwinnett County keep to be a system of institutions considered world-class. Saville’s Down syndrome was genetically inherited and is described by intellectual delays. He is a native of Norcross and the former equipment manager of Blue Devils Football. He is well-recognized by fans of college football in his active participation in the national championship program of Clemson University.

He also participated in ClemsonLIFE. It is a program based on offering employment opportunities and living arrangements to students suffering from intellectual disabilities. For his charisma and a positive outlook, he was honored with an American Hero Award presented by Walter Camp Football Foundation. Saville felt most appreciated by the induction ceremony as he was recognized by the people residing where he came from. Gwinnett County is his home as well as Norcross. You can visit for more info.

Aaron Lupuloff, the speaker of the ceremony, stated that Saville brings integrity, love, selfness, honor, and perspective to residents of Norcross as well as Peachtree Corners, especially adults and his fellow peers. Lupuloff added that the ceremony was an example of how strong the foundation of the public schools in Gwinnett County is.

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Eric Lefkofsky Discusses Solutions to Healthcare Inefficiencies

During a panel discussion at the Milken Global Conference, Eric Lefkofsky discussed the need to reshape the existing health care model. He summed up the problem with this statement, “it’s crazy that we are giving better technology to truck drivers picking up pallets of water bottles than we are to doctors making life and death decisions.”

A few years ago, Eric Lefkofsky did not foresee working on healthcare issues in his future. All of that changed when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Eric came from a technology background. He was working on technology systems to solve problems in the transportation industry when his wife received her diagnosis. During the process of getting his wife treatment, Eric witnessed many of the inefficiencies in the healthcare industry. He felt compelled to make changes happen.

Some estimate that one-third of the resources dedicated to healthcare processes are lost due to inefficiencies. This leaves room for private companies to find ways to solve problems. Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus – a technology company hoping to reshape healthcare by providing data analytics. Tempus plans to build the world’s most extensive library of molecular and clinical data. The company will build analytic tools to allow this data to be useful in enabling doctors to provide cancer treatments efficiently.

The Milken Institute is a nonprofit thinktank organization dedicated to advancing solutions that increase prosperity and improve health. Their flagship event is the Milken Institute Global Conference. This event brings together a diverse set of leaders from many industries to discuss relevant topics. Find out more about Eric Lefkofsky:

Luke Lazarus: Providing Advice to Smaller Business on How they can Grow

Luke Lazarus is an Australian businessman who became involved in the world of business at an early age. He started his first business when he was only eight years old, and continued his interest in doing business in high school. He was a stand out when he was in high school because he excels in different things, including academics.

Major universities around the world started to develop an interest in him, and they have sent him countless letters inviting him to become one of their students.

Even the Ivy League schools in the United States sent him different offerings, but Luke Lazarus turned all of the invitations down and decided to study at a local university. In the end, he became a graduate of the Melbourne Business School, a highly regarded institution for business.

After he finished college, Luke Lazarus started to become a serial entrepreneur. He established four companies immediately after he graduated, and he carefully managed each one. Whenever the business becomes successful, he would sell it for a huge profit. The cycle continues until he makes a lot of money.

When he was 35 years old, Luke Lazarus already experienced financial independence. He would continue making more money, but a deep realization allowed him to think for his future.

He soon realized that making more money does not make him happy anymore, so he decided to shift careers and became a consultant instead. Since he already made a lot of money, he decided to help out others who are still struggling in managing their businesses. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

Becoming a consultant for smaller business gave him a different perspective on life. Even though he no longer makes $20 million, he said that seeing business owners succeed is enough.

Many business owners around the world asked for his help, and Luke Lazarus is more than willing to provide assistance and advice on what the business owners should do to succeed.

Being a business consultant was difficult at first, but he was able to get the hang of it. He put an emphasis on analyzation and the systems used, and through the years, more and more people are asking for his help.

One of the best advice that he gave was that talent is not really equal to skill. He said that people who wanted to enter the world of business should have the heart for it, and hard work would really pay off.

He added that most business owners should focus on how they can make their business succeed by expanding their networks, and if they wanted to become a serial entrepreneur like him, they should not fear to make a gamble, because taking risks is what made him successful, and this can be a very effective approach.

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The Law Firm At Kisling, Nestico & Redick Wins 2019 Webby Award

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences established the Webby Awards in 1996. This award recognizes the best websites on the internet. Organizations from around the world submit entries to have their website recognized. This year, one of the winners of the Webby Awards in the legal category was Kisling, Nestico & Redick.

Rob Nestico is one of the founding members of Kisling, Nestico & Redick and is its managing partner. He said that his law firm strives to make sure that their website is easy to get around on and that people who visit it have all of their questions answered. His law firm was one of that was recognized this year.

The Webby Awards are judged by more than 2,000 people coming from diverse backgrounds including business executives, celebrities, and web experts. They recognize excellence in design from many categories including apps, social media, websites, video games, marketing, and public relations.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is located in Ohio. Their headquarters is in Akron and they have 10 additional offices. Their staff consists of 39 attorneys and 130 support staff. They are dedicated to making sure that victims injured by other’s negligence are fairly compensated.

Since its founding in 2005, Kisling, Nestico & Redick has recovered over $450 million for their clients. This includes both settlements and verdicts. Many of their cases involve going up against auto insurance companies. Many of the attorneys once worked for an auto insurance company so they have intimate knowledge of what insurance companies will do to deny or limit the damages on a claim.

Some cases that Kisling, Nestico & Redick have handled have also resulted in safer roads across Ohio. In one settlement, they were able to get a trucking company to beef up its training measures so that everyone would be safer.

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