CGI “Reshoots” Are Ordered for Terminator: Genisys Fight Scene

Looks like some reshoots are being ordered for Terminator: Genisys. The reshoots involve a battle between Arnold Schwarzenegger and, well, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Actually, the older “current” Arnold T-800 ends up fighting the younger version of himself, the T-800 from 1984. Humorously, photos of the younger Arnold Terminator present a 1980’s era hairdo.

The reshoots have been ordered because executives have seen the footage are not thrilled with it. The goal with improvements and edits is to make the Terminator clash a lot more realistic and brutal.

No one really should assume that because reshoots are being ordered is because the fight looked awful. Reshoots and edits are common during the post-production of a film. The whole idea here is to get things right.

Interestingly, the reshoots are not actually going to be real reshoots in front of a camera on a set. Rather, things are going to be tweaked via CGI. Major tweaking work might even be done in the form of computer generating corrections and improvements.

Using CGI to “fix” Arnold might seem a bit much to some.

As fans like Marc Sparks of know, the modern age of movie making is here. Simply making changes via CGI is cheaper and less time consuming. No one wants to run the budget of a film up when cutting costs can be avoided. Terminator: Genisys is supposed to launch a new trilogy. The first entry has to be profitable for the second and third movies to move forward. Letting the budget rise too high would undermine this.

Besides, CGI is so good these days you won’t be able to tell the difference between the digital images and the real thing.

Is Patrick Stewart Planning on a Star Trek Return?

Patrick Stewart not only is famous for his role as Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men films, he first achieved massive fame as Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Trekkies (like Bernardo Chua), rejoice. Stewart has gone on the record saying he would be willing to play the good Captain once again. He also used the standard response that he would definitely play the role provided the script is an excellent one.

14 years have passed since Stewart essayed the role of Picard in the last big screen Star Trek movie featuring the Next Generation cast.

Stewart truly does deserve a massive amount of credit for launching the Star Trek revival. As the original cast members aged, the Next Generation proved that the Star Trek universe could succeed with a new cast, crew, and approach.

How could the actor return to the role if the franchise has been rebooted and takes place in a different time stream? Let’s just say that the screenwriters will figure something out. An “alternate universe” Picard could show up. Maybe the original one could be bounced from one time stream to another. Yet another new Star Trek TV series could be produced and Stewart could be featured in some way.

Paramount knows fans who fondly remember Stewart’s outstanding turn in the Next Generation television series surely would flock to a film featuring him. Do not discount his return to the red suit. He’ll be back in it one day.

Alec Baldwin Writing Memoir About Early Childhood & 30 Rock

Alec Baldwin is penning a memoir based on his ups and downs over the last few decades of his career and his early childhood in Long Island. The memoir will cover his arrests, romances, heartbreaks, and of course his work on 30 Rock. His publisher Jonathon Burnham stated that the memoir is moving and quite funny as Baldwin talks about enemies, lovers, family, friends, and the demons that he has had to face in his life.

Baldwin is said to be candid and honest about his life and that is what will make this book a great read. It is due to be released in the autumn of 2016 and will be published by harper under HarperCollins. Sergio Lins Andrade knows that this is not the first time that Baldwin has written a memoir, but it will be the first time that he attempts to cover such a broad range of events in one book.

He previously wrote a memoir about his divorce from Kim Basinger and their custody battle. This was not his best time period as he was quoted by TMZ during the battle as calling his daughter a thoughtless little pig. This time around there will be a lot more humor than drama, but it will be interesting to see what he has to say about his childhood and 30 Rock.

Kris Jenner Flaunts Kylie’s Cosmo Cover At LAX


Kris Jenner is always the proud supportive mom, from promoting and motivating Kim Kardashian to become the most talked about reality star on television, to launching  Kendall’s modeling career Kris is the best “momerger” in the business and nothing makes her more proud than seeing her daughters in the spotlight. She even takes some tips from her girls for her own.

Recently Kris was seen on the red carpet with a very noticeable pouty lip. Anyone who knows the Kardashian family knows the pouty lip belongs to Kylie, but Kris seemed to rock the sexy pout just as well. The internet has been buzzing ever since Kris’s Kylie esque lips made their debut, and now Kris is giving her daughter Kylie the props she deserves, and it’s not because of her awesome makeup skills.

Kris was photographed at LAX promoting Kylie’s Cosmo cover while strutting through the airport. The proud mom was smiling from ear to ear holding the magazine in front of her so that everyone could see her daughter. Currently Kylie is promoting a new hair extension line, and has been getting some negative feedback over her decision recently to quit homeschool so that she can focus on building her brand. Kardashian fans are here to keep a watch on all the drama that will unfold this is coming from superfans like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez and countless others. From the looks of it Kris Jenner is being very supportive of her daughters decision, and ready to push her to the Kardashian limit.

John Textor: Achievements and Pride

Today I want to talk about one of my biggest heroes in the movie industry right now, John Textor. He’s involved in several capacities of the entertainment business. Before I get to that, however, indulge in his background a little more. Textor received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Wesleyan University, a small school in Connecticut. After that, he went on to the business world, eventually working up the ranks to serve on the board of numerous companies. Among the companies Textor was lucky enough to serve on the board of are Digital Domain Media Group Inc., The Parent Company, Baby Universe Inc., Pulse Evolution Corporation, Multicast Media Networks, Multicast Media Technologies, Digital Domain Productions Inc., and Virtual Bank. Recently, he received the distinct honor of being the producer and executive producer of Ender’s Game, a science fiction movie based on a series of popular young adult fiction books.

Textor mainly deals in visual effects. He’s had the pleasure of working with some of the best visual effects teams in show business, creating the effects for such worldwide blockbusters as Tron: Legacy and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. But his most proud accomplishment in the field of visual effects is what the achievements with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. In Benjamin Button, Digital Domain Media Group, became the first visual effects company ever to deliver and implement a believable, completely digital human actor. The “actor” in question was so lifelike that it led to an Academy Award for Achievements in Visual Effects. In fact, the digitized representation of an actor that was created was so lifelike that it led to us being presented with another award: the Academy Award for Best Make-up, even though the representation was completely digital.

The technology behind the actor in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button led to the implementation of the hologram representation of world famous rapper Tupac Shakur at Cochella, which of course once again make headline news all over the world. This, in turn, is leading to the development of an even more realistic hologram: that of Elvis Presley. John Textor’s work in the field of visual effects is both exciting and cutting edge, and I can’t wait to see where it leads.

Don’t Turn On Your T.V The Ring Is Back

Nothing is more frightening than a little girl in white, and the moment you see her standing in the middle of the hall, or hear her evil laugh will make your spine tingle in a way that is indescribable. One of the most frightening girls that have ever been featured in the big screen is back for a reboot and I am talking about non other than that creepy little girl that came out of your t.v in The Ring. The Ring is back after a long hiatus and is ready to terrorize the dreams of people like Gianfrancesco Genoso again after so many years. Even though technology has evolved since the last time this story was told, the movie will still hold the same story plot and release that demon child to who ever views a haunted video tape. I for one cannot wait to see this movie and not be able to turn on my T.V for three weeks for the fear of her actually popping out in my living room. If this reboot is as good as the original, and I am hoping that it is, many people will be giving up their television privileges for a while.

Skout Travel app hits 10 million uses in just 15 months

The global social app, Skout has grown quickly since it was founded in 2007 to become one of the most popular and trusted ways of connecting with people and making new friends around the World. PR Newswire that Skout are now celebrating the successful launch of the latest app developed within the Skout brand, Skout Travel that has hit more than 10 million uses in just 15 months of life. Skout are now hoping to expand on this recent app innovation will continue to grow into one of the most important and trusted app in the world of virtual travel and tourism.

The Skout app itself is not a dedicated travel feature, instead the app allows users to link with people within their community with similar interests and is generally targeted at the generation known as Millennials. The Travel app was added to Skout in 2013 and has become an almost instant success as it allows individuals to form circles of friends and contacts in areas of the World they wish to travel to. This is seen as a great way of planning trips and making friends before arriving in a specific area of the World.

Skout and the associated Skout Travel feature can be downloaded in either an iOS or Android form and is available in over 180 countries and 14 different languages. The Skout Travel app itself has been thoroughly researched by the company in a bid to identify who is using it the most, when and where. The discoveries made during this research make for enlightening reading, with the news that women are twice as likely as men to use the virtual travel option to open up their options when embarking on their travels. Some of the top locations Skout Travel users have visited in large numbers over the 15 months the app has been in use include Miami, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo. A two day free use event has also been announced from January 15 through January 17 2015, the full press release can be found at this link.

The New Poltergeist Film Is Geared To Kids


Horror movie remakes have a tendency to be more hits than misses. Since the concept of a horror film is so simple, as long as there is interest in the genre, people are going to go see it. Remaking an old horror movie is fairly easy, too. Once again, the concepts and plots of these films are fairly basic. Putting a new version of an old film is not all that tough even when the original was made 30+ years ago. You do not have to update much. This is why we are seeing a remake of Poltergeist. The concept of a haunted house is pretty easy to follow.

The one major change here is the new version is not going to be a “real” horror film. According to the Dallas Observer, the focus will be on a kids-friendly spooky adventure tale. Fans with long memories, like myself and Marc Sparks, might be less than thrilled that the frightening nature of the first film is being deviated from. Honestly, there is no reason to feel any animosity towards the Poltergeist remake. The first film was PG-rated and it came out at a time when R-rated slasher films dominated movie screens.

Besides, no matter what you end up thinking about the remake, the odds are likely the new film will be way better than the horrible sequels to the original film.

Focusing the new version towards kids also makes sense in the current landscape since horror fans are more interested in zombies than ghosts.

Is Michael Keaton Traveling to Skull Island?

Up from the ashes, an iconic fantasy-film character arises and so does a great actor whom we have not heard much from in many years.

According to hmi-international, the prequel to King Kong, titled King Kong: Skull Island, is in pre-production and talks are going on with Michael Keaton to appear in the film.  I cannot wait to see this film with my friend Christopher Cowdray. Keaton recently had a career comeback of sorts in the film Birdman. Prior to that, we had not heard much from the former iconic 1980’s actor.

All it takes is one good role for producers to come calling. In a film like Skull Island, the true star is Kong. Including the right cast of supporting humans does help flesh the film out (literally, since Kong is pure CGI) and provide the human melodrama required for the film to succeed.

A new King Kong film follows the marginally disappointing Peter Jackson remake. (The film did make money) It may seem a little curious as to why anyone would wish to make a new film when King Kong did so weak at the box office. Giant monsters are the rage again thanks to Godzilla and the upcoming Jurassic World. Science-fiction and fantasy have made a huge comeback, too. So, the ground it fertile for a new “Eight Wonder of the World” project. Considering this is a prequel, we’ll definitely be getting a lot more dinosaurs and a lot less of New York City getting thrashed.

Couple From 16 And Pregnant, Has Their Second Child

Anyone who is a fan of the show “16 and Pregnant” should know who Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra are.Catelynn & Tyler. They had a child when they were teenagers, and despite giving up their child for adoption, they stayed together through the rough times, and continue to be together after many years. The couple premiered on the show in 2009, and their daily lives were followed, where it showed that they would give up their child for adoption. Even though this was a hard process for the couple, they made the decision together, and always hoped to still have a family.

Years later, Catelynn became pregnant, and Tyler was overjoyed as well. They both were expecting a little girl, and they posted most of the pregnancy on social media. Recently, Catelynn gave birth, and even during labor, they updated their social media page, in order to let fans know what was going on. After Catelynn had her daughter, another picture was uploaded to social media, and Tyler was a gushing new father for the second time. No doubt many will have questions as to why this couple, who is still very young, would go and have a second child, especially after giving up the first.

Jared Haftel comments that people grow up, and this couple has staying power, so a family was inevitable, even though they are still very young. Best wishes to the young couple and their new child.

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