Dylan O’Brien Speaks Out about Spider-Man Rumors

Rumors have been swirling that Dylan O’Brien, the 23-year-old star of Teen Wolf, has been tapped to play the new Spider-Man. The rumors came to light after Sony and Marvel came to a deal in which Spider-Man would join the Marvel comic movies, but according to O’Brien the rumors aren’t true.

According to O’Brien he hasn’t auditioned for the role, and had no idea he was a “consideration” until a friend from home called to chastise him for not telling him he was up for the Spidey role stated a recent article in the west orlando news. O’Brien was quick to point out that although he hasn’t heard anything about it professionally, he’s absolutely interested. According to the star, playing Peter Parker is a bit of a dream of his. He went so far as to say he’s flattered by the fact that his name is being tossed around, even if it is just in the rumor mill.

To be fair, O’Brien does happen to have a passing resemblance to Tobey Maguire, the actor who played Spider-Man in the most recent film adaptation of the comics. Logan Lerman, star of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, has also been named as a potential Spider-Man, but that too is just a rumor.

The new Spider-Man film is slated for 2017, according to industry insiders.

A New Pee-wee Herman Film is Coming to Netflix

Pee-wee Herman is back! Netflix, the popular online streaming site, is set to premiere the film “Pee-wee’s Big Holiday.” The movie will be starring Paul Reubens in his iconic role as Pee-wee Herman and produced by Judd Apatow, the man behind comedies like “Knocked Up” and “Bridesmaids.”

Pee-Wee Herman is a quirky, fun-loving character that stole hearts with his child-like energy, quirky facial expressions and off-beat mannerisms. Paul Reubens has been portraying the lovable man since the early 80’s in two television series and films. The recent film has been in the works for over four years but recently gained ground. Reubens and Apatow will be co-producing the production, and the film was written by Reubens and Paul Rust said Brad Reifler.

The new movie, officially title “Pee-wee’s Big Holiday,” will follow Pee-wee as he embarks on his first vacation ever, thanks to a chance meeting with a mysterious stranger. Let the high jinks ensue! Production for the film is scheduled to begin in early 2015.

The convenience, growth and popularity of Netflix made this re-boot film possible. Netflix currently streams many Pee-wee Herman classics like “Pee wee’s Big Adventure,” “Big Top Pee-wee,” “The Pee-wee Herman Show,” and the Emmy Award winning children’s series “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” season one and two.

With a chance to bring in a whole new generational audience to the classic character, Pee-wee is sure to delight. I cannot wait to see what Pee-wee has in store. The bow-tie is back!

Seat Filler Tells Secrets At The Oscars

Everybody knows that they allow seat fillers at the Oscars. They must have a full-house and those who don’t get a ticket have the option of being a filler. For Monica Enriquez, being a seat filler has become a career said Bernardo chua. According to her twitter account, for the past fifteen years she has filled the seats at the Oscars. She said it is kind of like playing musical chairs, as she has been all over the auditorium. She is supposed to sit in the seats of the celebrities while they are up accepting the awards or presenting.

A seat filler is not allowed to take pictures. They are not allowed to talk to the celebrities at all, that is unless they talk to you first. A smile is acceptable. There is no pay for this position and the work is on a voluntary basis. Some do it, like Enriquez, just to get a moment in the spot light beside so many famous people. She admits sitting next to Brad Pitt and having Julia Roberts smile at her was enthralling.

Her most memorable experience was two years at the Emmy Awards when the dress of a lady in front of her ripped. She immediately was whisked away and came back with the dress repaired. She said she wouldn’t trade her fancy game of musical chairs for anything in the world. She loves the excitement and the unpredictable nature of it all.

Buzz From The Screenplay Underground Yield Positive Marks For Terminator: Genisys


The future is hard to predict. Just ask any Terminator franchise character. You could even ask the producers as they are not sure how fans are going to react to the upcoming release.

Based on opinions about the trailers for Terminator: Genysis, rumors circulated that the film is “a mess”. This assessment was based on the previews’ sneak peaks into the convoluted concept of rebooting Terminator I and II into a single film.

The future of the film may not be so dark. Script reviews are popping up online and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Apparently, everyone involved with the film got it right.

It does bear mentioning that screenplays for soon to be released movies are never officially released. The scripts are leaked from the inside and, once leaked, the screenplays start to circulate. Spoilers emerge and the resultant revealed major plot details can ruin a film and cause chaos for studios. Fans should stay away from sites offering leaked screenplays and definitely should not circulate them.

That said, the producers of Terminator: Genysis could take solace in one thing. Reviews off the screenplay emerging and the buzz is positive.

The nostalgia older fans want to relive is there, but does not turn the film into a mere retread. Furthermore, the film presents enough new elements that a trilogy is far better established.

Sultan Alhokair is forecasting that the opening weekend for the film should be huge. If audiences are pleased with it, look for word of mouth to help the film be a massive hit.

The Breakfast Club returns to theaters to celebrate 30th anniversary

After 30 years as one of the most iconic teenage drama’s of all time, The Breakfast Club will return to theaters across the US for a special two day event marking the 30th anniversary of the initial release of the John Hughes movie, CNNreports. The Breakfast Club has remained one of the best loved of the 1980s cycle of films written and directed by John Hughes as it tells the story of a diverse group of teenagers in a Saturday morning detention at their high school as Marc Sparks fondly remembers.

The special release of the movie will be accompanied by a short documentary that will screen prior to the movie being shown in theaters featuring a number of the cast and media experts. The feature will discuss the making of the film and the effect it had and continues to have on teenage drama’s on TV and film. The special digitally remastered release event will be available at around 430 theaters across the country on March 26 and 31 to celebrate the February 1985 release of the original version of the movie.

Katy Perry’s Shark-Attack After Halftime Performance


Katy Perry trending Monday after her Pepsi halftime show is no surprise, but the Internet was abuzz about more than her performance when her shark suit-clad backup dancer made unexpected waves throughout the week. Left Shark sparked a series of memes given his off-kilter rhythm during Perry’s Teenage Dream bit Sunday night. Left Shark was revealed to be Perry’s long-time backup dancer Bryan Gaw and was thrust further into the headlines when an entrepreneur jumped on the buzz created by the shark deemed rhythmically challenged.

Fernando Sosa, a 3D printer based in Orlando, Florida, has involuntarily swam with the sharks that are Katy Perry’s legal team after he manufactured Left Shark replicas to be sold on the Shapeways website. According to westorlandonews.com, lawyers for Perry were quick to send a cease and desist letter to Shapeways prompting the online entity to promptly stop sales of the figurine.

According to Dan Newlin, consumers with 3D printer access cans still get their hands on Left Shark by going to thingieverse.com to download the file needed to create the marine fish. Sosa has made the free file available there, stating, “Apparently sharks, palm trees and beach balls are all now copyrighted. I’m making this available to everyone. Now you can 3D print your very own Left Shark.” Though Sosa recommends downloading the file sooner than later should Perry’s lawyers opt to launch another shark-attack claiming copyright infringement.

Keanue Reeves to Sign on for ‘the Neon Demon’

Is it 1999 again or is Keanu Reeves begin a big part of Hollywood once more? The former star of the ‘Matrix’ never really dropped off the face of the Earth he more or less just faded to the background. Now Keanu is coming off of one of his biggest hits since ‘The Matrix’ with the action packed thriller ‘John Wick’. With his star currently rising, Reeves was doubtlessly going to land a few roles in the near future. One of the bigger pictures to grab Reeves off the street is Nicolas Refn’s ‘The Neon Demon’.

‘The Neon Demon’ will bring together quite a bunch of talented stars in what the Morins think should be quite the thrilling premise. Alongside Kenu Reeves we will see Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks, Jena Malone (“The Hunger Games”) and Bell Heathcote (“Dark Shadows”. The film is described simply as a “subversive female driven” tale of horror. With such talented actresses taking the lead roles we can only imagine how well that this one is going to take off.

Still, if anything we are glad to see Nicolas Refn continue to work with such quality American talent. Refn’s most recently revered work includes the Gosling vehicle ‘Drive’, the Tom Hardy picture ‘Bronson’ and the Madds Mikkelson epic ‘Valhalla Rising’. Refn has showcased the ability to seamlessly jump genres and periods and his work should be put once more at the front of the room.

Melissa Rivers Files For Malpractise


Joan Rivers was a beloved icon for many years. When she went to have a routine procedure down in September of 2014, her life was cut short. The malpractice claims state things like the doctors took pictures, known as “selfies” with the sedated patient. There were many other claims made, but I am wondering what took her so long? I know four months seems like a short amount of time, but if it was my mother, I would have filed it a long time ago.

Melissa has always been known for being rather cautious and is not as open as her mother was. Still, the 81 year old was in rather good health. She only went in to have an endoscopy done. The reports claim that they were more concerned about taking pictures with her than they were with her dropping blood pressure and low oxygen levels. The clinic has yet to respond to the claims, but NYC was closed down due to a blizzard when it was filed.

The gracious daughter did make a statement that was moving. She urged them to never allow the pain that her and her son have experienced to be felt by anyone else stated Paul Matheison. She can only imagine what other unscrupulous things are going on at this clinic. Funny, the doctor who did the anesthesia has already resigned and more could be on the way. River’s daughter is out for justice and I will be waiting to see what they uncover.

CGI “Reshoots” Are Ordered for Terminator: Genisys Fight Scene

Looks like some reshoots are being ordered for Terminator: Genisys. The reshoots involve a battle between Arnold Schwarzenegger and, well, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Actually, the older “current” Arnold T-800 ends up fighting the younger version of himself, the T-800 from 1984. Humorously, photos of the younger Arnold Terminator present a 1980’s era hairdo.

The reshoots have been ordered because executives have seen the footage are not thrilled with it. The goal with improvements and edits is to make the Terminator clash a lot more realistic and brutal.

No one really should assume that because reshoots are being ordered is because the fight looked awful. Reshoots and edits are common during the post-production of a film. The whole idea here is to get things right.

Interestingly, the reshoots are not actually going to be real reshoots in front of a camera on a set. Rather, things are going to be tweaked via CGI. Major tweaking work might even be done in the form of computer generating corrections and improvements.

Using CGI to “fix” Arnold might seem a bit much to some.

As fans like Marc Sparks of ireport.com know, the modern age of movie making is here. Simply making changes via CGI is cheaper and less time consuming. No one wants to run the budget of a film up when cutting costs can be avoided. Terminator: Genisys is supposed to launch a new trilogy. The first entry has to be profitable for the second and third movies to move forward. Letting the budget rise too high would undermine this.

Besides, CGI is so good these days you won’t be able to tell the difference between the digital images and the real thing.

Is Patrick Stewart Planning on a Star Trek Return?

Patrick Stewart not only is famous for his role as Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men films, he first achieved massive fame as Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Trekkies (like Bernardo Chua), rejoice. Stewart has gone on the record saying he would be willing to play the good Captain once again. He also used the standard response that he would definitely play the role provided the script is an excellent one.

14 years have passed since Stewart essayed the role of Picard in the last big screen Star Trek movie featuring the Next Generation cast.

Stewart truly does deserve a massive amount of credit for launching the Star Trek revival. As the original cast members aged, the Next Generation proved that the Star Trek universe could succeed with a new cast, crew, and approach.

How could the actor return to the role if the franchise has been rebooted and takes place in a different time stream? Let’s just say that the screenwriters will figure something out. An “alternate universe” Picard could show up. Maybe the original one could be bounced from one time stream to another. Yet another new Star Trek TV series could be produced and Stewart could be featured in some way.

Paramount knows fans who fondly remember Stewart’s outstanding turn in the Next Generation television series surely would flock to a film featuring him. Do not discount his return to the red suit. He’ll be back in it one day.

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