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Behind the scenes with Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad graduated from Cairo University with honors in Medicine. He was born in Palestine and grew up in Kuwait. He is one among eight children, three surgeons, and two masters in Engineering, two Ph.D., and one teacher. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

He did his internship in England after his graduation, thereafter relocating to the United States. After his residency in Pediatric Surgery, he got a certification from the United States medical board.

During the 1980’s, Dr. Saad Saad lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and worked as a personal pediatric surgeon for the royal family in Saudi Arabia.

This was as a result of the certification by the US board and his fluency in both Arabic and English dialects. He worked at King Specialist Hospital in Riyadh where he performed light and complex surgical procedures.

Dr. Saad Saad is a compassionate doctor who made two inventions to reduce the pain and risks involved for his patients. He employed electromagnetic energy to locate catheters in the body without using x-rays or Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

The invention is similar to a metal detector, where the external locator is used to illuminate the light when the position of the catheter is directly below the external device. Also, the invention of the suction and irrigation device for endoscopes has created a safer and faster working environment for doctors.

During his career, he performed lots of endoscopies to remove stuck food, marbles, needles, grains, and other items that children swallow or inhale when playing. He can attest to the importance of the suction-irrigation device in the procedures. Learn more about Dr Saad Saad: and

In his efforts to assist his people in Palestine, Dr. Saad Saad was conferred with two awards.

In 2010, he was awarded the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund Humanitarian Award, and the Palestinian Ministry of Health recognized him for his Humanitarian services. He was personally awarded the Gold Medal of Palestine by Palestinian President, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas in 2015.

Dr. Saad Saad has trained many pediatric surgeons in the United States and the Middle East, leading to the enhancement of the lives of children globally. His impact and hard work continue to make a difference in patients’ lives even after his retirement.

Dr. Saad Saad contribution in the world of medicine has made a different change and patients can now enjoy the fruits of his commitment and dedication.

The world requires such great figure for all-round development and advancement in all sectors and departments.

His discovery has dramatically contributed towards giving this industry a face-lift. Safety is the top priority in the treatment of patients. This is mainly because of it one of the right ways to guarantee good health and wellness. Thanks to Dr. Saad Saad for this effort.

Whitney Wolfe’s Life as a Feminist and a Businesswoman

Whitney Wolfe is the woman to watch out for; at only 29 she has achieved so much for her age. She is the CEO of a dating application that has grown to over 40 million subscribers in the past four years. Through this app, she has changed the notion about women by letting them make the first move. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

The idea of establishing her dating app came in mind after having a bad experience in tinder where she was one of the co-founders. Whitney Wolfe pressed sexual harassment charges in 2014 citing the discrimination she suffered while working for the dating app. It is then that she decided to put more emphasis on women through her dating app Bumble. It is so far the most significant competitor for Tinder. She says that the whole idea of focusing on women in her dating app was to get rid of the traditional male chauvinism and train women to be conversation starters. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at The New York Times.

Whitney Wolfe has however had her lows in life. Earlier this year, Match a company owned by Tinder, took Bumble to court for theft on their trade secrets. They meant that Bumble had stolen their ‘swipe’ idea. Whitney Wolfe published a comeback letter reading ‘ we swipe left on you’ She also accused them of trying to copy, buy and intimidate Bumble and took them to court for attempting to acquire private information falsely and at the same time scaring off potential investors.

Bumble has refused to accept the buyout bid by Match and said that it is considering selling its shares to the public. It, however, made it clear that its acquisition was a negotiable option. Whitney Wolfe made this statement adding that if the acquisition would help them achieve their mission which was women empowerment, inspiring them and doing away with oppressive societal norms, then they would go for it.


Bumble has registered many achievements in the recent past including, expansion to skincare by involving dermatologists in the production of skin serums, outlawing any gun photos on their app, funding women investments through the Bumble fund and offering support to sexual assault survivors.

Read this article:


Gulf Coast Western Has An Amazing Track Record

For many years, there has been a lot of news about America getting its oil from places in the Middle East. There has been a lot of talk about America not being able to supply oil to itself. One would think that America doesn’t have any oil, but that is not true. America has a lot of oil sources. In fact, there is a pretty long history of oil in the United States. The 1800s saw the rise of oil in Pennsylvania. The 1900s saw the rise of oil in the Southwest. The 2000s and 2010s saw the rise of oil in South Dakota. Anybody who says that America does not have domestic oil supplies is lying. America is well-endowed with a lot of oil.

A lot of people have been against the harvesting of oil because they claim that it has the potential of creating pollution. Situations are cited in which people supposedly have oil in their local water wells. However, the infrastructure of the United States needs to be built up. The infrastructure of the world needs to be built up. Wherever there is human activity and industrialization, there will always be a metaphorical footprint.

Gulf Coast Western does great work in the oil industry. They specialize is figuring out where there is oil. Various methods are used to test whether given pieces of land are valuable assets when it comes to finding and profiting off of oil. The land has a lot of features that tell people whether or not oil can be found.

Gulf Coast Western isn’t just great in their methods of finding oil; they are great in their business methods. This is Gulf Coast Western has sprouted up as a company with an amazing reputation. Their track record is impeccable. Clients who work with Gulf Coast Western have always been very satisfied.

Harry Harrison Barclays

What temperament do you think makes a studious leader and an excellent academic who founded and steers the Athens group? I know you did not just think of either funny or soccer-crazed. Well, the former leader at Barclays Non-core worked in London for close to three decades of learning, serving, leading and growing in the financial services sector. He is a New Yorker now, but he is a staunch supporter of West Ham United. He publicly roots for them. According to him, he believes in them more than they believe in themselves. As a former student of the University of Warwick, where he studied Economics at an undergraduate level, this financial expert served Barclays as derivatives trader exceptionally and rose through the ranks. As a former student of the University of Cambridge, where he earned his Master of Philosophy degree, Harry Harrison helped Barclays Non-core to unwind some unprofitable business that was worth 110 billion dollars. After earning the highly coveted academic status and successfully handling the situation his job, Harry took a long break to know his children and consult at large.

Harry is an eager family man because he is always looking for chances to grow with his wife and kids. He is also a typical East Londoner who is fascinated with football. He is a jolly fellow who socializes with people. He is always seeking to learn. That is why he is very humble. His guiding principles are humility, diversity and collaboration. He actually attributes his success to the humility to accept ideas that beat yours and the wisdom to embrace people’s diversity for its robust talent and information. For a guy who enjoys robust success in rendering financial services, Harry is pretty much likable. He is the president of Anthemis Group: an investment advisory firm that offers the best digital financial services in the industry.

Entrepreneur Matthew Fleeger Establishes Himself As One Of Texas’ Top Executives

Matthew Fleeger is an entrepreneur who has worked in a few different industries during the course of his professional career. These are the oil and gas, waste management, and tanning industries. He is highly skilled in finance and marketing among other business skills. He is a graduate of the Cox School of Business which is located on the campus of Southern Methodist University. He graduated in 1986 with a degree in finance and marketing.

He started out working in executive-level positions at oil and gas firms. This included the company established by his father, Gulf Coast Western. In 1993 Matthew Fleeger decided to become an entrepreneur and launch his own company in the waste management industry. This was MedSolutions, Inc. His company handled medical waste that was created at healthcare facilities. This includes transport, disposal, and treatment.

Matthew Fleeger led this company for nearly 13 years. It became one of Texas’ biggest medical waste management companies while he led it as its president, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board. In 2007, he sold this company to Stericycle for the sum of $59 million.

After selling MedSolutions, Matthew Fleeger rejoined his father’s firm. He became the president and CEO of this company, positions that he still holds. His company explores and extracts oil in the Gulf Coast area in the states of Texas, Mississippi, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. His background in areas such as mergers & acquisitions and forming partnerships has helped him excel at this business.

He has also been an entrepreneur in the tanning industry. He co-founded Palm Beach Tan which he started with six locations in Texas. This business now has many locations across the United States. He also established a well-known spray-on tanning booth franchise which is Mystic Tan. Between these two firms, they have revenues of approximately $100 million annually.

Steve Ritchie: The Path To A Better Company

When a major corporation is enjoying the best of times, a smart CEO realizes there is always room for improvement. The same holds true for companies who hit a bump in the road, which has been the case with Papa John’s Pizza. However, as CEO Steve Ritchie has pointed out in an open letter to the company’s customers, steps are being taken to ensure the company is on the right path.

As he begins rebuilding customer confidence in Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie is using a variety of tactics to accomplish his mission. For starters, he is pledging the company will be transparent in all issues regarding diversity, inclusion, and how the company makes changes to its corporate culture. Along with this, he also noted Papa John’s will be bringing in outside auditors and other personnel to examine not only the current culture, but also how making positive changes will increase opportunities for learning and advancement.

But perhaps most importantly of all, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns and many other high-level corporate executives will be embarking on a tour around the United States, where they will be meeting face-to-face with franchisees and customers in various cities, including Los Angeles and Chicago. In his letter, Steve Ritchie acknowledges mistakes have been made along the way, but also notes that the more than 120,000 employees and franchisees of Papa John’s Pizza have long been noted for their dedication to customer service and community service. As examples, he points to the numerous times franchisees and employees have worked with local schools and charities, helping to secure funding for books, families in need of funds for medical bills and other expenses, and many other acts of kindness.

While he knows a letter by itself will not solve all the problems, Steve Ritchie also knows the actions he and many others demonstrate in the months moving forward will go far in helping customers once again see Papa John’s Pizza (@PapaJohns) for the company it has been over the years. Since actions speak louder than words, Steve Ritchie is prepared to do everything possible to help his company regain its footing.Read this article about Steve Ritchie restructuring the company.

Clay Hutson Explains What Goes Into Being A Stage Manager

Clay Hutson’s passion is to provide concert-goers with an unparalleled live music experience. He owns a company in the music industry through which he offers a number of services. Nowadays he mostly works as a stage manager, tour manager, or sound engineer. Earlier in his career, he filled a lot of other positions behind the scenes such as managing the automatic rigging system or serving as a monitor engineer.

Once in a while, he will handle a corporate entertainment event. Clay Hutson also once spent a few years handling the audio for Billy Graham while he toured around the nation as an evangelist. The lion’s share of his business, though, lies in helping to put on rock concerts. He has been on a huge amount of tours and some of his clients have been Garbage, Pink, OneRepublic, Kid Rock, as well as Guns N’ Roses.

By working in so many positions managing, producing, designing, and overseeing live tours he eventually felt more than qualified to start his own company. Clay Hutson says that the last recession really did a number on the company he was working for at the time. Since he had a wealth of marketable skills and had built a solid reputation in the industry he decided it would be the perfect time for him to launch his own production management firm.

Clay Hutson is currently working for Kid Rock as the stage manager. This means that he needs to be at the concert venue by 6:30 in the morning. Before anyone else arrives he does a walk-through, sees what the schedule is the day, gets a storage plan organized, and then begins to create to-do lists so that his crew knows what is expected of them. He says that he puts a lot of effort into making sure that he takes into mind how things are set up affecting how they are broken down after the show is over. As soon as the curtain closes he and his team get to work breaking down the venue so it can be stored away for the next stop on the tour.

Immigrants like Doe Deere see a Version of America that Born Citizens often Overlook…

It’s no secret that born citizens often take the North American continent for granted. Immigrants like Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, happen to see America differently. The title of her most recent piece in Entrepreneur magazine suggests something simple enough; nobody can come along and make America great as it was already great all along! Deere and many others from countries such as Russia seem to view the country in such a light even when the odds are stacked against them.

Like Doe discussed, many immigrants migrate over with visions of Hollywood movie scenes playing in their heads. When they see our real-life cities, they are typically nothing like what was presented within the popular media presentations. Deere contrasts the real-life NYC, that she experienced for the first time at age 17, with the city she imagined while consuming all those books, movies and magazines as a Jewish child living in Russia.

Doe’s story is not unlike those told by other immigrants. After learning how America differed from its media representation, the family soon went broke. What we see during this next part of her story is a theme that is all too common within these stories; Doe’s mother had an accounting degree that the US was reluctant to accept! Because of this, she was forced to remain underemployed cleaning the homes of others.

As you can probably imagine, the cleaning job doesn’t tide them over for long. The family eventually goes entirely broke and must live off of soup kitchens and shelters until they eventually have the cash flow to live in a low income, urban area. The crime is only briefly mentioned by the author, however. In much greater detail she outlines how much the family appreciated having their own apartment with their very own kitchen!

Doe’s story is certainly an aspiring one. As she is wrapping up she ponders how somebody that was once homeless could employ almost 40 people and become a CEO. Mrs. Deere has certainly proven why the immigrant viewpoint/attitude seems to produce a lot more business owners than the viewpoint/attitude that is all too common among born citizens.

Meet Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is one of the most promising young ER physicians in the Southeastern United States. Educated at the University of Louisville and Louisiana State University, he has practiced in both Louisiana and Florida. Unlike many physicians, Dr. Forsthoefel has a broad background. In addition to understanding biological sciences, he also has a BS in Religion Studies. This has improved his ability to communicate and understand with average working people. Dr. Forshoefel is board certified in emergency medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

Since 2012, when he started his residency, Dr. Forsthoefel has seen a lot. In the world of emergency medicine, everything can change in an instant. What was a slow day can quickly become a very busy one. During his career, Dr. Forsthoefel has learned to think on his feet and triage cases as best he can. He has become an expert at acute care, treating people with a variety of illnesses and traumas. He has diagnosed and treated broken bones and deep cuts. Dr. Forsthoefel is also experienced when it comes to cardiovascular issues like heart attack, stroke and more.

Dr. Forsthoefel practices at an emergency room in Tallahassee. During his time there, he has become a valued member of the local medical community. Though he focuses mostly on patient care, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has also become something of an advocate for reform. He has noticed that many people in his community have come to rely on emergency rooms for situations that aren’t emergencies. This can create some real problems at his workplace.

To Dr. Forsthoefel, the issue isn’t that patients are being wasteful, or that they’re misinformed. The problem is overwhelmingly that people lack access to proper primary medical care. With access to a good primary physician or urgent care, people would be able to deal with small issues like ear infections and sprains without going to the ER. However, the way that the healthcare and insurance systems work in the United States can make it difficult for people to access or afford that kind of treatment.

Emergency rooms are required to treat every patient who presents. Dr. Forsthoefel has no problem with this. In fact, he always makes it a point to offer the best possible care to everyone. He tries to offer good customer service in addition to good medical care and advice. However, the strain on the resources at his emergency department is serious. Wait times are long. Another problem is that many of the patients who present are indigent. Because they can’t pay for services, prices for other patients necessarily go up to cover these costs. The middle class is getting squeezed; Dr. F sees this every day.

Dr. Forsthoefel is still in the first phase of his career. As the decades go on, he hopes to remain a force for good in the world of emergency medicine. His community of Tallahassee is also important to him. His patients appreciate the level of service he provides. He hopes to get even better with time.

Louis Chenevert on Business and Employee Investment

Louis Chenevert has served as the President and CEO of United Technologies Corporation since April of 2008 and in 2010 was elected as Chairman. He has been with United Technologies Corporation since 2006 and serving as a Director. Prior to his work at United Technologies Corporation Chenevert worked at Pratt & Whitney and General Motors. Chenevert currently brings his expertise to several boards that he serves on in varying capacities. He received his bachelors of commerce degree in production management from the University of Montreal.

Louis Chenevert shares some of his business expertise in an article on how to improve business by investing in employees. In the article Chenevert points out that retaining and cultivating good employees can be the best way to improve business. Not only will happy employees be more productive, but it can be more cost effective to hire and promote from within to avoid the cost and time it takes to hire and train outside candidates. Additionally, the benefit of promoting from within the company can show other employees that loyalty and hard work will pay off and encourage them to be better at their jobs. There are four things that Chenevert suggest to invest in employees and improve business. First is to create a good workplace environment. That includes not only the physical space that employees work in but also the workplace culture and relationships among coworkers. Also, he notes that recognizing and rewarding hard work can go a long way in showing employees that they are appreciated. An employee scholarship program, while a little more costly, can be beneficial for all by encouraging continued education and training. The final tip is to get creative with team building. Team building doesn’t have to be painful and boring, Chenevert points out that getting everyone involved to work together for a charitable cause can be good for team building, corporate culture and image, and the community.