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Howe to wade through the smudge of negative online press

Negative press can spoil the reputation of any company. Fortunately, online reputation management comes in handy to reduce or get rid of bad press. Oftentimes, big companies and mid-sized businesses have the financial muscle to hire an online reputation management company to resolve the problem. However, what happens to start-ups that cannot hire one? This article on blasting news offers insights on how to make your company’s online reputation as clean as possible.

What is your company’s online reputation?

Simply conduct a company search all over the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Concentrate on the search engine results from the first three pages. Additionally, look up for company keywords, company phrases or slogans. Note down any notable information, particularly bad press on all your searches. Furthermore, track your employees’ history. With social network sites being the current fad, extend your search to these networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus and so on. Look up the company name, keywords, phrases and employees on social media.

Create an online presence

Businesses currently with an internet presence including social media pages, website, and blog or business review forums can overlook this step. However, as reveals, for the rest, building an online presence is paramount. Simply join about three to five different social media sites. Next, post daily updates and actively interact with your online followers. For a greater effect, make sure your updates consist of an exciting blend of photos, words, and video.

Tackle the right issues

Amazingly, some negative press won’t necessarily taint your online reputation. For example, some negative talk may seek to garner attention or clicks to the source of the news rather than the subject. This means that you don’t necessarily have to respond to all negative posts or stories. You only need to tackle genuine issues.

Get rid of bad press

When dealing with negative press, you will need to use your social media accounts mainly. The trick is to keep posting exciting, positive and appropriate updates, which will serve to push down the bad press down to the latter search engine pages where they remain unnoticeable. Respond to customer complaints calmly and don’t take part in nasty, spiteful exchanges while addressing their posts or comments and implore them to speak through phone or email.

However, the process of online reputation management is a tedious one and the outcomes not immediate, the eventual results are worth the stress. Start-ups and small-scale businesses should take note.


Denzel Washington’s Iconic Films


Denzel Washington is a prolific actor, and has starred in many good black movies. He has starred in plenty of films and has established himself as an actor who is very passionate about his craft. He has starred in a lot of films and has gained status as one of the most respected stars in Hollywood.




Denzel Washington stars in the drama about the civil war. He stars alongside Morgan Freedman and Matthew Broderick. It is a dramatic story about the courage people have shown in the fight to end slavery in America. They have risked it all for the cause.


Malcolm X


This is another one of Denzel’s iconic roles. He stars as Malcolm X in the story that has centered on the life of a street hustler turned speaker for Islam. Malcolm X was one of the strongest influences for blacks. Denzel Washington has done well to bring this role to life.


Training Day


Another iconic role of Denzel, he stars as a cop who has crossed the line and gone rogue. The film depicts Denzel’s character breaking in Ethan Hawke’s character. What follows is a film that reveals a lot of crookedness.

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American Gangster


Another iconic film in which Denzel stars as Frank Lucas, a gangster who has risen to power in his community. American Gangster was directed by Ridley Scott, brother of Tony Scott, who used to regularly direct Denzel.  It also stands as one of the top urban movies, to crossover into mainstream popularity.


Denzel has also branched out into stage plays which include Fences, written by August Wilson.


Todd Lubar: He is the Real Deal!

Entrepreneur Todd Lubar is not your typical entrepreneur. In every endeavor, in which Lubar becomes involved: in the back of his mind, is achievement. And, in encouraging Lubar fashion, he simply does not “fail forward.” In fact, Lubar, remarkably has a knack at raising funds, increasing sales volumes and seems to travel life’s success pathway—quite effortlessly, and with a great deal of vigor. His secret? Evidenced from Lubar’s progressive career, he knows how to network. Most persons probably would be blown over by Lubar’s list of contacts. His style is achievement; radiated by an engaging good-natured personality. Lubar admits that he basically knows how to make a business work. He believes part of his business acumen is attributable to his broad experience within the real estate and financial industry.

Also, he achieved a solid foundation in way of an education. Lubar attended the Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. and the Peddie Schools in (the quintessential American community of Hightstown, New Jersey). He later attained a B.A. degree in Speech Communications from Syracuse University.


He made his entry into the field of real estate as a loan originator, working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd developed, summarily, his extensive contact list by building one-on-one partnerships with persons occupied in varying financial professions.


Other business activities that have proved successful for Lubar include the following:


Todd opened up the Maryland office of Charter Funding. This move made it possible for Lubar to increase his loan program offerings to his client base. He further formed an affiliate enterprise, known as Legendary Financial, LLC–a lending institution relative to individuals and business enterprises. Lubar has been ranked on the list of the Nation’s Twenty-Five Top Originators in the United States for several years. During the years, when the mortgage industry was in transformation, around 2007 and 2008, Lubar involved himself in the business operational end of a reclaimation business and a dismantling service.


Todd enjoys spending time with his two lovely children. He likes to travel and enjoys sunshiny locales such as Southern California. He enjoys, too, holidays in idyllic states such as Maine, and does his part in spreading a little bit of his own sunshine with respect to every person he meets.

Adrian Jose Velazquez Figueroa : The Pioneer In Panama’s Economy

In his article, “What To Do When Visiting Panama City,” Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa gives travelers suggestions about activities to do when visiting Panama City. According to Figueroa, Panama City is a place of wonder, and it has a charm that relaxes away tension. He describes various activities to do in the city’s major attractions, such as watching wildlife and hearing birds’ melodies at Camino de Cruce, seeing ships dock off at The Panama Canal, and exploring the art gallery at DiabloRosso. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa wants travelers to feed into his insight on the city’s attractions and the variety of activities to choose from . In conclusion, Figueroa is trying to persuade travelers to book a trip to Panama City, and receive the best sensation that its attractions has to offer.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is an entrepreneur from Venezuela. He serves as the Director, Treasurer, and President of five companies in the city of Panama. At a young age, Figueroa moved out of his home country, Venezuela to Panama, in hopes of becoming a member of its business community on Figueroa has been a prominent member in Panama’s business community. Figueroa is active in reforms that aim to improve the economic conditions in Panama and salvage it from turmoil. He helps businesses to flourish, and owns organizations that mentor young leaders who plan to be entrepreneurs in the future generation. Figueroa dedicates much of his time into educating the young generation about the strategies and principles of managing a business.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is looked up among the younger generation as a mentor and someone who can provide guidance and direction for their future. His main goal is to apply his knowledge and expertise in business and improve economics within his community. Figueroa works diligently in his practices to ensure that Panama’s economy is successful for himself and others around him, and to get the best results possible. He is one of the pioneers in entrepreneurship and economics, and has been instrumental in defining every aspect of entrepreneurial success on Tumblr. Figueroa’s passion for what he does and experience has enabled him to provide exemplary output and convey a sense of prosperity to the residents and the business community in Panama. He is defined by his prestigious commitment and dedication to helping Panama’s economy to sustain its health, in spite of the impediments that he counteracts. Figueroa is the heart of Panama’s growing economy at

Chris Burch Recap

Fashion and technology have always played an integral role in the development of new trends. Whereas it is common for the technological advances to become fashionable, it is also common for fashion designers to use technology to provide meaningful solutions that can solve challenging consumer affairs. In the 70s, it became fashionable to use Boom Box, which later gave way to two cassette players and the Walkman.


In fact, these advances in technology also helped fashion designers devise innovative clothing that can help consumers. One of the most famous designers who integrated technology with fashion is Anouk Wipprecht, who has designed everything from a drink-making dress to Pseudomorphs and the self-painting dress. According to the Dutch designer, the marriage of technology and fashion helps designers contemplate designs that seem impossible.


For instance, there are a number of recent fashion designs that are ready to provide alternate solution for the convenience of consumers. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin recently designed a wearable neck band that protects the head and neck of the cyclist by inflating an airbag on impact. For cyclists, the bike protection system may be an answer to the helmets because consumers complain that hamlets obstructs views and it is out of fashion.


Similarly, Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon have devised a Frontline Glove for firefighters, which allows them to pass instructions with a simple hand gesture in smoke-filled dangerous environments. Not only these gloves are water resistant, but their ability to protect cut and burns allows firefighters to use their hands freely in a hazardous environment. As a result, firefighters can easily indicate their next move such as when to leave a scene or building. As such, the fusion of technology and fashion have also allowed fashion designers to use Kinetic energy to charge consumer electronics such as mp3 players and watch. There is also a running shoe in production that will charge a cell phone.


Nearly all of these fashion innovations are supported by entrepreneurs such as Chris Burch. Chris and his company look to fund imaginative companies that can change our world for good. So far, Chris Burch has helped more than 50 companies introduce their world-class ideas to their respective industries.


He is also instrumental in the introduction of brands such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin and TRADEMARK. His diverse portfolio ensures that there is someone out there to support and encourage brands that look to improve human lifestyle.



AHBE and Bruce Levenson File Lawsuit Against Major Insurer

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball (AHBE) and Entertainment in conjunction with Bruce Levenson, the well known business man and lauded philanthropist have recently filed a civil action law suit against the massive insurance company AIG Insurance.

The catalyst for the law suit was a claim made by a former employee and general manager of the AHBE group named Danny Ferry who wished for a settlement after parting from the company. Mr. Ferry and Mr. Levenson both were under the impression that AIG covered the settlement claims made by the aforementioned Mr. Ferry, however, AIG begged to differ. AIG Insurance claimed that contrary to what either Mr. Ferry, Mr. Levenson or AHBE claimed or believed, that wrongful termination and workplace tort were in fact, not covered under the original coverage plan.

Due to this disagreement Levenson and AHBE filed a civil action law suit against the insurance company over a egregious breach of contract. Thus far, the current administration for the Atlanta Sea Hawks, they are well aware of the civil suit but do not deem it necessary to comment. According to PR News, the sport’s teams current administration explained themselves in a public missive wherein they stated that due to the fact that since neither Mr. Levenson nor Mr. Ferry were any longer working with the Hawks in a professional capacity it was their affair entirely.


Get The Best Wines For The Holidays From UK Vintners

UK Vintners is an independent wine merchant. It specializes in the acquisition and the sale of the finest wines in the world. It works as a stand-alone wine company. It collaborates with a broad network of merchants, wine brokers, and traders to source the most famous fine wines in the world. The company provides brokerage services for people who need to sell investment grade wine that is held in a regulated bond in the UK.

UK Vintners is able to select the best wine or champagne that can be used for any occasion through their dedicated team of excellent wine consultants. The company ensures that they give their clients advice on the best wines for the particular time they want the wine. UK Vintners recently made an announcement about the best wines that they had selected for the holiday season of 2016.

The company says that the skilled wine consultants of the company were able to come up with the best wines that people can use during the 2016 holidays. The wines selected include the following:

  • Beychevelle from 20008: This is a fruity wine that is soft and is made with hints of cranberry and raspberry. This wine originates from Saint-Julien with the consumption intended to be within 15 years after the first bottling.
  • D’Yquem 2009: This wine is perfect when it comes to pairing with any dessert for Christmas. It is made with hints of honey, apricot, sweet spiced pears, and other several spices. It is a white wine. It has its origins from the Chateau D’Yquem Winery that is situated in Graves, France. The winery has been in existence and has made wine for more than 400 years.
  • Montrose 1998: This wine is an excellent option for any holiday, whether it’s the Eve of New Year or Christmas itself. It is termed as one of St.-Estephe region’s best wines and has the aromas of black cherry, plum, and earth. The wine mostly contains Merlot grapes. It is termed as a people’s favorite.
  • Ducru Beaucaillou: This comes as another excellent wine option for the holidays. The Ducru Beaucaillou Winery is known as one of oldest wineries in the region of Saint-Julien, Bordeaux, France. A bottle that was made in 2005 is now considered to have matured well. It has a dark purple color with an aged flavor.
  • Pichon Baron 1998: This wine is deemed to be at the peak of its maturity. It is ready for people to enjoy it this 2016 holiday. It contains hints of black currants, charcoal, and sweet toasty oak. It has little acid. It is blended with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. The wine is medium bodied. It originates from the region of Pauillac, Bordeaux, France.

Those are the best wines you can purchase for this holiday season. You can now go ahead and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You are assured of a good experience that will make your holidays memorable whether you take the wine as a drink or an accompaniment of a desert.

Click here to learn more about UK Vintners and the services they provide to wine lovers everywhere.


Keith Mann Proves to be an Altruistic Individual

Keith Mann is a renowned specialist in the executive search industry with a level of experience that spans more than 15 years. In fact, he specializes in other fields including hiring strategy, staffing and hedge fund compensation. This is on top of being the Chief Executive Officer of the Dynamic Search Partners.


Apart from his involvement in business, Keith Mann is notably an altruistic individual whose main line of focus is education. The following are some of his generous deeds over the years.


Support to the Uncommon Schools


  • Resume Building Workshop


For a long time, Keith Mann has maintained a strong relationship with Uncommon Schools. This collaboration stemmed from the student mentoring program that was undertaken by Keith Mann and his team from the Dynamic Search Partners. The team met with senior members of one of the Uncommon Schools for resume building purposes. Experts from the Search Dynamic Search Partners assisted the senior students through given them advice as well as reviewing and editing their resumes for college application.


This sparked a relationship between Uncommon Schools and the Dynamic Search Partners to create a progressive and useful avenue. This platform would allow DSP to help students in learning practical as well as tactical skills to assist them in achieving success while in college and beyond.


  • Funding Student Testing and Scholarship


In 2015, Keith Mann facilitated the funding of one of the latest Uncommon High School. Through fundraising, DSP raised more than $22,000, which was aimed at funding PSAT and AP testing. Later in 2016, Keith Mann entered into a partnership with the Uncommon School to facilitate the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Both Keith Mann and his wife created the scholarship to acknowledge upcoming business leaders. The scholarship would award a single senior student each year with $5000 to use as college tuition.


Support to the NYPD


Despite of the violence and protests surrounding the NYPD, Keith and his wife expressed their support and appreciation through sending lunch to the 54th Street precinct. This token of appreciation was meant to serve as a morale booster as well as a move to take away their attention from the negativity surrounding the police force.

Talk Fusion’s Newest Luxury Vacation Incentive

The world leader in Global video marketing solutions and direct selling, Talk Fusion, recently announced a new luxury vacation incentive.

The new trip to Milan, Italy is slotted for December 2017, on-wards. It was designed with the Independent Associates in mind. The new luxury vacation incentive will act as a strong motivating factor for associates who look forward to growing their businesses next year.


They will have the opportunity to enjoy Milan’s high-end shopping experience, fantastic Italian cuisines and exciting sightseeing excursions with a rich history and culture. The company will cater for the airfare and also provide first class hotel accommodations for the qualified Independent Associates and their spouses.


Destination Milan is the latest addition to a list of other incentives offered by Talk Fusion such as Diamond Recognitions Rings, Rolex Watches, Fully -Purchased Mercedes-Benz and free vacation to Maui, Tampa, Dubai, and Orlando, Florida. The newest trip is open to current and future associates who are participating in Talk Fusion’s Worlds First Instant Pay Compensation Plan in more than 140 countries. These individuals benefit from supplemental income through sharing all-in-one Video Marketing Solution as well as a renowned business opportunity with others. This notwithstanding, for a person to qualify for the Milan Trip, he or she must reach or surpass the “Diamond” rank by 29th of October 2017.


Talk Fusion has a long tradition of offering two luxury incentive trips annually. Apart from the recent addition to Milan, qualified associates will also be able to take advantage of a free vacation to Maui, Hawaii in June 2017. The official dates for the trips have not been announced yet. For more details about these first class incentives, and opportunities to earn income, visit The information is available in multiple languages.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is driven by the desire to deliver nothing short of life changing experiences through its All-in-one video marketing solutions. Video Marketing products include Video Newsletters, Video Email, Video Chat, live meetings as well as innovative sign-up forms. Members can also take advantage of Talk Fusion’s business opportunity for earning supplemental income. Talk Fusion boasts of its ability to pay commissions instantly; within three minutes of making a sale. The company enjoys a worldwide membership with its presence in more than 140 countries and counting. They thrive in helping the members realize their dreams.



Christanna Bevin’s Insights on Increasing Project Capacity

A renowned project services manager, Christanna Bevin believes that project capacity and improvement leads to excellent results. Project management entails proper oversight of funds, sound decisions, and keen hiring of employees. These factors serve to create a productive environment. To increase project capacity, which is the possibility of a project to deliver its required purpose, a team needs to have a qualified project manager. Such an individual leads them through as they explore options and find techniques to increase the general capacity. Some projects can be worth millions of dollars. Such undertakings necessitate professionalism in money management and distribution. Christanna is skilled at creating budgets for any size of project. Big projects require a high sense of monetary responsibility and ability to offer clients with clear reports concerning expenditure.

For a successful project, a team should consist of trained and talented individuals whose abilities are a perfect match for the project. Christanna ensures that she hires the right people for her projects for purposes of increasing the quality of the same. Creating a process that will ensure that employees work without close supervision is significant in achieving success in a project. As a project manager, Bevin comes up with an effective process that helps her staff work as a team, without being pushed around. She also communicates to each of her workers to make them understand their particular contribution to the project at hand. In addition, Bevin allows employees to work in areas where they are most productive. This arrangement enables them to complete projects within the required period. Not only does she strive to finish her projects, but also ensure that they are perfectly done. This information was originally published on Temple of the Cave’s website as explained in the following link

About Christanna Bevin

Christanna Bevin has a deep background in project controls, procurement, contracts, administration and commercial roles in construction and resource fields. The project expert is result oriented, flexible and energetic, which helps her carry out her operations as a project manager successfully. She is also well equipped with a variety of skills such as written and oral communication skills, engagement skills and relationship management. Christanna has earned trust from her clients due to her unmatched work ethic, ability to solve problems, and her unfathomable passion for pushing the envelope to achieve and exceed client and corporate expectations. This information was originally mentioned on Crunch Base as outlined in this link