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Clay Siegall: Passion, Desire & Excellence

Did you know that some of the most extraordinary people in the world aren’t household names? Life is strange in a sense. It seems like the people who don’t do anything for society, receives the credit and vice versa. Have you ever heard of a guy named Clay Siegall? Well, you probably haven’t and this person personifies this notion perfectly. Clay Siegall is one of the most revered individuals in the cancer fighting world. He has a resume of success that spans into decades of the past. Siegall is the current CEO of Seattle Genetics. This biotech company is the leading cancer research company in the world as it specializes in developing and commercializing antibody-based therapies.

Since its inception back in 1998, Seattle Genetics has grown dramatically in physical size as well as employee personnel. There are well over 1,000 people working here, and every person works their job to the very best of their abilities. Siegall is the commander of this ship, which has taken the company into the stratosphere. Its flagship drug ADCETRIS is one of the most successful cancer fighting drugs of all-time. As of today, ADCETRIS has raked in $350 million in earnings. Thanks to Siegall’s ability to negotiate, the drugs are now being used in 65 different countries around the world. This is what obtaining a strategic license can do for a company and Seattle Genetics demonstrates this brilliantly.

Blogging is something that Siegall loves to do in his free time. The guy is constantly updating the community with breaking news in cancer research, and he is known to speak on a wide array of topics. It’s easy to see why this guy is a leader, and his track record is proof of his success. His dedication to each and every patient is extraordinary, which shows you how much he has invested in what he does for a living. Clay Siegall is the real deal when it comes to getting things done thanks to his passion, desire and excellence.


Samuel Strauch Stays Ahead Of The Market

Samuel Strauch is the owner and founder of Metrik a real estate holding company located in South Florida. Metrik is a real estate brokerage, land developer and property management service. Metrik has been in business since 2003.

In 2002, Samuel Strauch began his business in Miami. At that time, Miami was in a state of change. It was turning from a tourist oriented city to a major international metropolis. Even from that point, it took entrepreneurial creativity to see what the future had in store for Miami and elsewhere and to marshall the contacts and resources to take advantage of it. During the last fifteen years, Miami has become the doorway to South America, and Strauch and Metrik has certainly made their contribution to the Miami of today.


If you ask Samuel Strauch, being forward thinking and creative is an absolute must in the years to come. We no longer have the same work patterns and locations as our parents or grandparents. The living and work practices of future generations will be be in a constant state of change. Metrik puts a lot of effort into analysis of trends and technology and when they make a calculated gamble as to what the future will hold, they’re usually right.

Strauch often says his most important functions are in dealing with the people he already has established relationships with. Much of what keeps everything flowing for Metrik involves strengthening existing business, and maintaining a robust referral network according to Prospecting for new growth is important, but, seeing opportunities amongst the resources and contacts a person already has takes a lot of creativity.

Working to the mutual benefit of partners and investors as well as his own company aligns with one of Samuel Strauch’s key principles. Every deal must be win win. Samuel Strauch has ventured into restaurants and other side endeavors based on this principle.

Samuel Strauch will rely on his creativity to navigate the future. Given his track record, he’ll have many people working with him. Metrik will do just fine.

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EOS Puts Out New Product to Excite Fans

EOS has done something that has gotten fans of the brand excited about them and their products once again. The company has stirred people up on Instagram by sharing a new product that they have added to their lineup, refer also to This product is something that is clear and beautiful. The new Crystal lip balm is see-through. This lip balm is a product that stands out from the other products that the brand has put out, and it is something that has a luxury look and feel to it. Those who were excited when the brand was first developed will be excited about this new and exciting product from the brand.

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EOS garnered many fans when the brand was first established and when they first released their products. The company became popular quickly because the lip balm that they put out was different from other lip balm products that were available at the time. EOS put out pastel orbs of lip balm, something that didn’t come in the traditional tube that everyone was used to using. The brand put out products in flavors that were different from what other brands were putting out, see this link. EOS is a company that is focused on creating quality products and releasing them to their fans, and people love them because of the effort that they put into the work that they complete.

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A New and Unique Solution to a Convoluted Problem

Anyone who is unfamiliar with the process of investing in stocks could tell you that it’s a remarkably tricky game and it would seem that only the lucky win. However, Kerrisdale Capital, an up-and-coming financial firm established in 2009, argues that the game does not have to be so complicated. Rather, one does not need luck to win the game, but instead, needs to strategize in order to win. Founder and Chief Investment Officer SahmAdrangi has been leading the way in stock investments from the get-go.

Prior to the founding of Kerrisdale Capital, Adrangi had already established his career in financial matters. His career began when he made the decision to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University. Post graduation, Sahm took the next step in his success story, and was began his career at a financial leveraging company. Eventually, Sahm was as a financial advisor for those struggling with bankruptcy at Chanin Capital Partners. From that time forward, SahmAdrangi continued to develop his career and increase his understanding of investment bonds and markets. Eventually, in 2009 SahmAdrangi founded Kerrisdal Capital in New York.

Since the founding of Kerrisdal Capital, Mr. Adrangi the firm have accumulated a significant capital. SahmAdrangi’s training over the years has made him an excellent candidate for leading the way in financial leveraging and investing. This became an incredibly important skill for Mr. Adrangi and his company as the company specializes in the betting both for and against bonds.

Recently, it was released that Mr. Adrangi and his firm have raised $100 million for the placement of bet on a single company stock. The name of the company was not released. However, it has been stated that the company in confident in the potential payoff. As such, the firm has purchased numerous stocks with the unnamed company. In conclusion, SahmAdrangi and his team as Kerrisdal Capital have placed an enormous bet in an unknown company. Based on previous Kerrisdal Capital behaviors it is expected that the company will come out to publicly defend its position. Now, we wait.


Brian Torchin Background and His Company

According to Wellness, Brian Torchin’s background in education incorporates learning at the University of Delaware the place he majored in practice science.

He got his undergrad pre-med four-year education in science in the institution. After graduation, Brian went ahead to learn at the New York Chiropractic College where he studied from 1992 until 1995 where he got a doctor of chiropractic degree.

Following his graduation from college and becoming a certified and licensed specialist, Brian started his chiropractic center which is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Torchin gives services to different patients and assists them to recover from suffering and pain by using his medical skills and knowledge.

In the year 2007, he started a staffing organization referred as HCRC Staffing. The staffing company caters the necessities of healthcare organizations, legal firms, and hospitals.

There are various positions that the HCRC staffing can assist in fulfilling for the healthcare field which entails dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, urgent care providers, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

HCRC can likewise assist organizations, and medical workplaces satisfy positions in office administration, public relations, desk receptionists, and billing.

For the lawful business, HCRC can assist law offices to fill positions for administrators, assistants, secretaries, paralegals, paralegals and attorneys among other professionals.

The objective of HCRC Staffing as per Brian Torchin is to have the capacity to get skilled and qualified candidates to offer services in legitimate and human services organizations within 72 hours.

As a previous medical master himself, Brian Torchin understands that the single greatest business challenge in the legal and healthcare fields and that is workers turnover. HCRC staffing was established to address this need and give organizations a device that they can use to rapidly fill in positions that are vital to the operation of the business.

More than 200 organizations and customers utilize HCRC Staffing in getting representatives in both the medicinal services and lawful area. HCRC Staffing serves a worldwide audience, with customers from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

The organization likewise releases a periodical publication that needs to do with hiring, recruiting and employment and Brian Torchin is usually the spearheading author of those publications.

EOS Upgrade!

We’ve all seen those horrendous products “For Her;” products that are exactly the same as those made for men (or any human being), reproduced in pink, and made twice as expensive. We’re all tired of being told how different women are from men and that we need “gentler” things; a pen made for “her” grip, or a razor for “her” hairy legs. And now we have chapstick “for her” and it’s absolutely incredible. Head over to to read more related articles.

While chapstick is a unisex product, EOS has made it’s product specifically for women. It’s cute, colorful, accessible, fashionable, flavorful, and fun to use. EOS are easy to find in a cluttered purse and come in fresh, feminine flavors. But recently, EOS has stepped it up with a new product, see here.

Over the past few weeks, EOS has launched their newest product: EOS Crystal. EOS has redesigned their fun little pods to make them more triangular, more gem-shaped, hence the Crystal. EOS Crystal is completely clear and completely wax-free. This makes it 100% vegan friendly and eliminates that greasy feeling that everyone has after they put on lip gloss. It’s also made with five essential oils including avocado, shea, and coconut making it super healthy and healing for your pretty pout.

Currently, EOS Crystal flavors are Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. They can be found at most convenience stores as well as multiple retail stores for around five dollars. Upgrade your style with this new and exciting product!

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Matthew Autterson Role in the Business World

Matthew Autterson is considered to be among the most prominent individuals in the business world. The businessman has accomplished a lot in his career, earning a lot of respect in the financial department. Most of the people who are close to him say that Matthew is very dedicated and hard working. This has made him what he is at the moment.

Matthew Autterson educational background has been influential in his career. The businessman went for his high school education at the prestigious Brother Rice High School. After working hard in the school, Autterson completed his studies. He was admitted at the prestigious Michigan State University where he specialized in finance. The skills he acquired at the university have helped him to become a financial expert in the competitive finance world.

In 1980, Matthew decided to go to the famous University of Denver Graduate Tax Program to enhance his skills. After completing this course, the businessman felt that he was ready to venture into the complex world. Matthew has served in the financial world for the last twenty-five years, and he has emerged to be one of the most successful investment advisors. Individuals who have sought his help when making investments have done very well, regardless of the financial climate. The businessman is currently the president for one of the largest commercial chartered companies in the United States. His expertise in the financial investment industry has assisted him to take the company to its present state.

After completing his education at the Michigan State University, the businessman was employed to start working at the First Trust Corporation for several years. He, however, left the company in the year 1982 to look for better opportunities. With the help of several friends and business associates, Matthew started an institution known as the Colorado Trust Company. The financial company has been doing well over the years, emerging as one of the most successful trust businesses in the country. Later on, Matthew was appointed to serve as the chief executive officer of a company known as Resource Trust Company in the year 1989. This company was, however, sold in the year 1998 for more than eighteen billion dollars. By the time the company was acquired, it had done so well, becoming a leader in the financial department. Serving in the firm gave Matthew Autterson the expertise needed to be successful in the finance and business industries.


Eric Pulier: The Philanthropist and Genius Behind ServiceMesh

Countless women and men aim to emulate successful business people, such as, John D. Rockefeller or Steve Jobs and for a good reason. These people changed the face of the world with entrepreneurial genius. While Eric Pulier is not as well-known in this current age in every niche, he is on his way to greatness because of his future market demand and scarcity predictions. Not only does he rely on business tactics that have worked since time immemorial, but he also counts on his own unique way of looking at business and solving problems to craft brilliant new services and technologies. His curiosity and study of a wide range of topics makes him someone that crosses over into many different industries; much like Elon Musk or Benjamin Franklin. In 50 years of his life, he has built successful tech firms, raised money for poor and disadvantaged children, and continues to wow his critics and supporters alike.

Eric Pulier is a self-made man who was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. In the fourth grade he built his own computer just from what he learned from IT manuals, and he consistently scored well on tests in school. Eventually he attended Harvard and studied English and American Literature. To also pursue his love for technology. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated from Harvard in 1988.

Eric Pulier decided to move to Los Angelas after his education, and it was there that he began to work as a futurist and entrepreneur. There he founded the company People Doing Things (PDT), which was a tech firm that solved real-world problems through technology. His unique way of looking at problems gave his company everything it needed to help the healthcare industry, education, and people living in poverty to solve issues that stumped them. Bringing it to today, Eric Pulier now leads his company ServiceMesh who offers solutions to organizations and companies around the world through Cloud technology.

While Eric is very successful, he also wants to help others be successful too. It is this reason that he created the X-Prize Foundation, which helps people receive funding so they can make their ideas into a reality.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Leads Bradesco Successfully

Luiz Carlos Trabuco spends his days striving to make the Brazilian banking giant known as Bradesco the best in the business. He serves as their CEO and has been tasked with this job since 2009 when he was promoted after a successful stint in their Insurance division. Trabuco, as he is best known, has served in several top executive posts throughout his tenure at Bradesco and knows their business culture like few others. When the time was right, he was a natural choice to lead the company.

Trabuco began his career with Bradesco in his hometown of Marília where he was born in 1951. Starting in 1969, he was a clerk and served in this capacity for two years which gave him valuable experience in interacting daily with customers. His potential for the banking industry was noted and he was transferred to the company headquarters in São Paulo. There, he embarked upon a path of continual growth and development that saw him rise to the top of many divisions.

The University of São Paulo was where Trabuco received his education when he secured a degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters. This was an unlikely path for a banking figure such as Trabuco. Most top banking officials complete their degrees in Business or Finance. However, Trabuco demonstrated an ability to adapt and a tremendous ability to learn sophisticated financial principles which have served him and Bradesco very well.

Innovation is one of Trabuco’s calling cards and he helped change Bradesco’s marketing structure to a significant degree when he was their leader. For the first time in their history, Bradesco engaged in publicity campaigns when they established a relationship with the media and financial reporters. This has modernized their communications and increased their brand awareness among Brazilians.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the obvious choice to succeed Márcio Cypriano as the company’s CEO when he successfully led the Insurance division to unprecedented profits during the years of 2003-2009. Profits rose dramatically during this time and made a huge contribution to the overall success of Bradesco’s bottom line. They consolidated their leadership position in the Brazilian market and in Latin America as well. Trabuco received honor and recognition for his outstanding performance when he was named twice as the Insurance Personality of the Year.

A corporate university is another of Trabuco’s innovations and he instituted this when he took over as CEO. The opportunity to develop the next wave of Bradesco’s leadership was the primary aim and it continued their tradition of continuity and renewal from the company’s ranks. Worthy employees were promoted and given a greater voice in the company. Trabuco and other top executive officers were able to determine those with the most potential to successfully lead Bradesco.

With the quest for market leadership in the back of his mind, Trabuco engineered a blockbuster deal in 2015 when Bradesco acquired the Brazilian branch of HSBC. It was the largest such deal of the year and it created quite a buzz in the world of Brazilian finance.

With one remarkable deal, Bradesco added the equivalent of six years of organic growth to their business. This has made them much more competitive in the battle for leadership in the private banking industry. Luiz Carlos Trabuco received a high honor for his role in the acquisition when he was declared to be the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance by DINHEIRO.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco goes about his important job as Bradesco’s CEO with a noted lack of ostentation. He is soft-spoken and quick with a wide grin. His opinions on serious financial matters are widely followed by top political and financial figures. He is married and the father of three children.

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Omar Yunes is Recognized for his Success as an Entrepreneur

Omar Yunes has long been considered a successful entrepreneur among business owners in Mexico. Not only does Yunes own nearly 10% of the Japanese food chain franchise units, Sushi Itto, currently being operated throughout the country, but he has also been pursuing success as an entrepreneur since the young age of 21 years old. Now, with 13 franchise units located throughout Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz under his belt, Yunes has found himself as the winner of the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) competition.

Each franchisee among the contestants was evaluated based on their overall influence, knowledge, improvements, and motivation of employees. According to Diego Elizarrarrás, the organizer of the Best Franchisee of the World competition, Yunes earned the esteemed Best Franchisee of the World award due to his commitment to stellar customer service, management and overall leadership.

Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of the Japanese food chain Sushi Itto, further noted that Yunes’ win represents the franchise’s steadfast commitment to customer service, and unique hospitality experiences. Beyond Cancelmo and the Best Franchisee of the World competition, Yunes has been long been recognized for his passion for business, and has been remarkably successful in making Sushi Itto a driving force among franchise locations throughout Mexico.

Of course, Omar Yunes has been recognized for far more than his accomplishments as a franchise owner. Currently, Yunes is working on expanding his business portfolio to include several real estate holdings throughout San Francisco and Los Angeles. With real estate prices on the rise, Yunes hopes to utilize his entrepreneurial spirit to find even more success in a new, and growing industry.

In the coming years, Omar Yunes hopes to further leave his mark as a truly successful business man, and franchise owner. At the helm of a network of successful franchises located throughout Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz, there is no doubt that Yunes will find such success in his real estate related pursuits.